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Earlier this week, Meghan Markle made her first public appearance since it was announced that she will not be attending King Charles’ coronation next month.

Unfortunately for Meghan, however, this appearance has since blown up in her face, as her look was so bizarre that she’s being accused of getting plastic surgery. Some are even going so far as to say that it’s clear that she’s trying to look like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who she’s allegedly had issues with in the past.

Meghan Accused Of Getting Plastic Surgery

Last weekend, Meghan appeared via video link at her photographer friend Misan Harriman’s TED Talk. When she made this appearance, many were shocked to see that the 41 year-old wife of Prince Harry had a unique new look that included a sleek straightened hairstyle and a face that some said seemed to be altered by plastic surgery.

“PLASTIC SURGERY ALERT? Sad Meghan Markle wants to be Kate Middleton so bad,” said one Twitter user.

“Omg. Meghan Markle, who is jealous and obsessed with the Princess of Wales, is wearing hazel contact lenses to look like Kate,” another Twitter user alleged, with a third writing, “She looks like she’s trying to look like Kate … that won’t happen.”

Wow Meghan Markle had her face pulled up tight from the ear,” a fourth Twitter user wrote. “Bad plastic surgery.”

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Meghan Fans Defend Her As She Denies Plastic Surgery

While many slammed Meghan for her new look, others were quick to defend her.

“Meghan didn’t have plastic surgery,” one fan of Meghan’s declared. “It’s all about lighting, angles, and contouring. And hair straightening is something many black women do. It has nothing to do with ‘erasing all traces of origin.’ Also, white people need to shut up about black women’s hair.”

“You’re accusing Meghan of having plastic surgery when your whole online persona is AI generated. Girl Bye!” another pro-Meghan user stated. “Meghan doesn’t need plastic surgery! She is sun kissed, getting love and and moisturized! That is GLOW!”

While Meghan’s official representatives refused to comment on this, insiders with ties to her told The New York Post that she has denied getting plastic surgery. These sources added that Meghan put on a lot of weight during both her pregnancies, and that she’s finally lost the weight that she gained while pregnant with her second child Lili.

One source claimed that Meghan hasn’t altered her face and that she “loves” her nose so much that she even contours it and uses bronzer to highlight it. Another insider admitted that Meghan has changed her hair color, and that it’s also likely that she’s had Botox and some lip fillers.

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Meghan Won’t Attend King Charles’ Coronation

This comes after it was announced that Meghan won’t be attending King Charles’ coronation next month, and that Harry will be going alone instead. Royal expert Tom Bower recently claimed that it was Kate, the wife of Harry’s brother Prince William, who put a stop to Meghan attending this event.

“We must all be grateful that Kate, in the end I think, prevented Meghan from coming and said she ‘wouldn’t have her there under any circumstances,’” Bower said, going on to allege that Kate warned Meghan that if she “did come, she’d have to sit at the back.”

“I do think that for the Royal Family, Harry’s presence is constitutionally important,” he continued. “If, God forbid, the Cambridges all died, we’d have King Harry on the throne after Charles, so he’s got to be there.”

Kate’s popularity continues to be far bigger than Meghan’s, so it would come as no surprise to learn that the former American actress is trying to look like her sister-in-law. Unfortunately for Meghan, however, Kate is far classier than she could ever hope to be, and that’s not something that a plastic surgeon can fix.

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