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The ABC talk show “The View” went off the rails once again on Thursday, when moderator Whoopi Goldberg went off on a bizarre rant about wokeness, leading even her radically liberal co-host Joy Behar to become confused.

Goldberg Sounds Off 

The Sun reported that Goldberg, 67, began to come unglued as she discussed those who use the word “woke” in a negative way.

“This idea of woke, I’m gonna say it again, most of y’all were asleep,” she said, to which a visibly confused Behar, 80, demanded to know, “Who do you think you’re speaking to?”

“I’m talking to all those folks who use that word ‘woke’ all the time,” Goldberg fired back. “We were never asleep. Y’all were asleep! We had to stay awake, watching you. ”

Goldberg then began gesturing wildly with her hands as she continued her deranged rant.

“So you woke up, and you thought, ‘Oh my God, there’s a lot of women running amok and doing things they’re not supposed to be doing! And drag queens everywhere! And oh my God, people of color!'” she continued. “You always talk about the snowflakes? Look in the mirror! Y’all can’t seem to handle anything.”

Goldberg ended her tirade by lamenting that many people’s idea of a discussion these days is to just “get rid of everything.”

“Stop calling us snowflakes!” she concluded. 

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Goldberg Misses ‘The View’ For Jury Duty

This came after Goldberg had to miss “The View” on Tuesday because she had “jury duty.”

“Whoopi is out on jury duty today. Yes,” Behar said that morning as she took over the role of moderator. 

“I keep on wondering, are they gonna pick Whoopi for jury?” co-host Sunny Hostin questioned, with co-host Sara Haines agreeing by asking, “Could you imagine showing up and then seeing Whoopi.”

Behar expressed her belief that Goldberg would not be chosen because she doesn’t think “people who are famous get chosen,” adding that everyone knows that Goldberg has “a particular point of view.”

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Goldberg Loses It Upon Her Return

When Goldberg returned the next morning, she had nothing but complaints about her jury duty experience. 

“I was out yesterday doing my civic duty. I was on jury duty. And, I have to tell you, it was fine, right?” she said. “…But the thing that irritated me more than anything is I was sitting around, and I’m looking at all these really nice people, and I’m realizing that– if you want people to come and serve on your jury, you gotta pay ‘em more than $40.”

Goldberg became visibly upset as she added, “You have to pay them more than $40 because most of the people can’t get out of work.”

“They either get paid by the job or they don’t. But $40 does not really make people feel like they want to get out there and help. It’s irritating,” she stated. “…It’s disrespectful! It’s like, ‘What I want you to do is more important than feeding your family.’”

Check out this rant of Goldberg’s in the video below.

It clearly does not take much to rile Goldberg up these days. Perhaps she should focus on staying a little more calm on live TV in the future, because her increasingly deranged rants are getting old to watch. 

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