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Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame has long been one of the only openly conservative Christian stars in Hollywood. Last month, she announced that she would be giving up both television and social media for Lent, which lasts until April 6.

Heaton’s Lent Announcement

Heaton revealed what she would be giving up for Lent in a video posted to her Instagram page. 

“I’m really not going on 99%,” she said of social media. “I check it occasionally for DM’s and messages in case anyone is trying to get a hold of me. That’s it.”

“I also cut out television, which is very hard. I am only watching, very intentionally, things that are inspiring and health-giving to my soul,” she continued. “I finished the third season of ‘The Chosen,’ and I am now starting to watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.”

Heaton went on to say that these changes have made her more focused on the projects she is eager to complete and the books she wants to read.

“But for the most part I am off [social media],” she said. “And the huge change that has happened just within the week of lent starting is pretty impressive. I am more focused, I’m calmer, I’m relaxed, I am more in my body. I feel a weight in my body, like I am more attached to the earth. I am not distracted.”

​​“It’s been known that social media has been devised in such a way to get you addicted to it,” Heaton added. “I was definitely suffering from that. So this is wonderful to be off of it.”

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Social Media Can Be Addictive

Heaton concluded by saying that social media can be addictive, and by urging her followers to find a balance when it comes to using it.

“The challenge will be that, once lent is over, to figure out how to participate in social media without having it become addictive. I want to participate because I love all of you, I have met so many people virtually through social media. I love hearing your stories, I love sharing my stories with you,” she said. “In the meantime I am going to focus on the world around me.”

Check out Heaton’s full video about this below.

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Heaton’s Christian Faith

Unlike the vast majority of stars in the increasingly liberal and woke world of Hollywood, Heaton isn’t afraid to be open about her strong Christian faith.

“There’s a saying, ‘Jesus died for us publicly. So don’t live for Him privately,’” she told Christian Post in 2021. “But I also think you have to talk about why you can love in difficult circumstances. Now, it’s because He first loved us. While we were still in our sin, He died for us.” 

“It’s kind of our job here as Christians to certainly extend the love of Christ, the love that He extended to us, to extend it to others through our actions,” she added. 

There are far too few examples of good Christians in Hollywood these days, so voices like Heaton’s are needed now more than ever. We applaud her for being so open about what she gave up for Lent, and we wish her the best of luck as she continues to go without social media and television!

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