Jane Fonda Looked Like ‘A Lot Of Trouble’ To Lily Tomlin When They Met Decades Ago

The radically liberal Hollywood star Jane Fonda looked like "a lot of trouble" to Lily Tomlin when they met decades ago.

Lily Tomlin has known Jane Fonda for decades, and they are preparing to appear together once again in the upcoming movie Moving On. While on the red carpet for their last movie 80 For Brady, Tomlin admitted that while she considers Fonda a close friend now, she wasn’t so sure about her when they first met. 

Fonda Looked Like ‘She Could Be A Lot Of Trouble’

“She looked like she was very glamorous and she could be a lot of trouble,” Tomlin, 83, said of Fonda, 85, according to People Magazine. 

Tomlin explained to Entertainment Tonight that she met Fonda at a movie premiere at the legendary Ahmanson theater in Los Angeles. 

“It was absolutely like a glamor trip. She was very glamorous. She had a black cape on and boots, big high boots and a lot of hair going like that. And we were all very excited backstage at the Ahmanson,” Tomlin said. “I was doing my show there, in like, 73 or something. I don’t remember the year.”

Tomlin and Fonda were arrested together in 2019 at a climate change protest in Washington D.C. back in 2019. Afterwards, Tomlin told the media, “I support Jane; Jane is a real toughie.”

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Tomlin And Fonda Have ‘Blood Pact’

Tomlin even recently told Yahoo News that she and Fonda have a “blood pact” with one another. 

“We saw one of those terrible adventure things on TV that are just apocalyptic and the people just smash their hands together,” she said. “Of course, we didn’t make any cuts [in our hands] because we didn’t wanna scar. So we just wound up applauding ourselves. That’s how we made our pact.” 

These days, Tomlin says that she and Fonda get along well and have a good time while on set together. Their Moving On director Paul Weitz has spoken out to recall a day when the two of them were playfully bickering on set. 

“There’s a driving scene and when you’re doing a driving scene, you’re sitting there for a long time basically pulling the car and you’re listening to them banter with each other,” Weitz said.

“And that was really fun for me. It was one of my most fun days I’ve ever had on set because the two of them were cracking jokes, insulting each other, singing songs, and then arguing over movie stars of the ’30s and ’40s. And it was just so lovely,” he added. “Like listening to these two act like sisters with each other.”

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Tomlin Supports Fonda Through Cancer Battle

When Fonda announced last year that she had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Tomlin described her as being “indomitable.”

“She’s very forthright and talkative about what’s going on with her in all respects,” Tomlin said at the time. “First thing, she says, ‘Don’t worry, it’s really treatable. It’s one of the most treatable forms that you could possibly have, so I’m really lucky in that regard.'”

“And she’s like, ‘So are you gonna come to my next fundraiser?'” she continued with a laugh. “That’s her main objective.”

While we don’t agree with Tomlin and Fonda’s politics, their friendship is so fun to see. We should all be so lucky as to have a decades-long friendship like there’s!

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