mjf trolling wwe superstars
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

He’s one of the top acts in all of pro wrestling, but is MJF trolling WWE Superstars with some recent remarks? And does talent have certain WrestleMania concerns?

Is MJF Trolling WWE Superstars

He’s one of the hottest talents in the game, but is MJF trolling WWE Superstars based on some recent comments?

MJF is currently the AEW World Champion. Part of his act during his run at the top?

Pointing out, early and often, that his AEW contract expires in 2024, and he is willing to take his services elsewhere.

While we don’t know the precise end date of his AEW contract, it’s been said to be early in 2024.

That, of course, assumes he will remain injury-free for 2023.

If that contract is allowed to expire, he would certainly be the hottest of hot free agents.

WWE would absolutely have a major interest in securing his talents. MJF knows that.

So is MJF trolling WWE Superstars, knowing there will be high interest?

mjf trolling wwe superstars

source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, according to Fightful, at least one WWE Superstar mentioned that MJF has recently told them that he will “see them next year”.

Again, being open and in our faces about his desirability has been part of his AEW top level heel gimmick.

He spent a lot of 2022 off television, selling his anger at Tony Khan.

At that time, MJF was coming out and saying he wanted more money, but did not want to give up his contract expiration date.

It seemed that he got what he wanted, and he’s now apparently pushing the WWE option to even those in WWE.

Until he either signs a new AEW deal, or lands in WWE, this story will not be going away.

Talent WrestleMania Concerns?

As we rapidly approach the biggest show of the year for WWE, does some talent have WrestleMania concerns?

According to WrestlingNews.com, some talent have indeed voiced concerns about WrestleMania.

Specifically, some talent have concerns about using legends and celebrities on the WrestleMania card.

On one hand, there is a valid point. Bringing in celebrities and non-wrestlers means some other talents are generally bumped.

Now that we’ve moved to a two night WrestleMania, that does mean there tends to be more slots to be filled up.

And, WWE often brings in celebrities, either to work matches or to be special guests involved in some way.

That has been a component of WrestleMania since the very first event.

mjf trolling wwe superstars

source: @jasonalanhammer, twitter, screenshot

Bringing in main stream stars-like Logan Paul in the past year-helps attract eyeballs that might not otherwise tune in.

And, when you are talking about the biggest event for WWE in 2023, they want as many eyes on WrestleMania as possible.

So, while some talent might have issues with the company bringing in special attraction talent, it has been happening for nearly 4 decades of WrestleMania.

Meaning, it isn’t likely going away any time soon.

If anything, it’s worth noting that recent celebrity WrestleMania involvement has been largely positive.

Johnny Knoxville and Bad Bunny had excellent showings. Logan Paul has been superb as well, though he’s in a bit of a different class.

Talents concerns are understandable, but it is not exactly a new development.

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