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The former “Superman” star Dean Cain famously dated the Hollywood actress Brooke Sheilds during their time as students at Princeton University back in the 1980s. In a new interview, Shields has revealed that she apologized to Cain “a few years back” for not making their relationship an “easy” experience.

Shields Apologizes To Cain

“I said, ‘I’m sorry for you, and I’m really sorry for me,'” Shields, 57, told People Magazine, adding that she had a “great relationship” with the “beautiful” and “mouthwatering” Cain. 

“We had a great relationship, broke up, got back together again after three years,” she continued. “And that should have been a delicious time for me of reveling in it and feeling proud and free because I was in love.” 

“But it was as if I was just paralyzed from shame, thinking everybody was going to know, thinking of letting my fans down because I had professed one thing,” Shields added. 

Shields went on to say that Cain, 56, was a fantastic boyfriend to her.

“He just was so loyal and loving and just so in love,” she recalled. “And I did not make it easy.”

Now a mother of two teenage daughters, Shields wants to use her own experiences to empower them.

“I want them to feel celebrated rather than shamed — shamed by their body, shamed by their sexuality,” she said. “It’s such a burden to carry.”

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Cain Praises Shields

Back in 2014, Cain talked to Today about Shields writing about losing her virginity to him in her memoir “There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.”

“Brooke is a wonderful, wonderful girl,” Cain said at the time. “We were college sweethearts and she’s obviously written the whole book.”

Cain went on to say that he found reading about their relationship in the book to be “really insightful” and “raw.”

“I don’t think a girl loses her virginity; they give it,” he said. “We were in love. She was a wonderful girl.”

“We are still great friends…I was in love with her certainly, we were in college, sweethearts,” Cain said of Shields in another 2014 interview, according to E! News. “There was nothing I did to her that I’m ashamed of in any shape or form. So I said [to her] write away and hopefully it will be cathartic for her and she can sort of deal with that huge portion of her life.”

“It was a big thing in her life,” he added. “America’s virgin, it’s a big deal and she felt the weight of the world and everybody watching her and that was, I think placed from her mother, and I think was one of the things that was very tough for her.”

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‘We Had A Wonderful Relationship’

Though Cain and Shields had both moved on by 2014, he admitted that she was still special to him.

“We truly had a wonderful relationship, we were two young people and we cared for each other,” he explained. “She is a wonderful person, girl, woman and mother everything now and wife, just going to put that out there.

Cain and Shields were such a beautiful couple, so it’s nice to see that they both look back on their relationship so fondly. In a world full of bitter exes, it’s nice to see two who treat one another so well!