Tony Khan Rumored Drug
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Tony Khan is rumored to have a drug problem & it was referenced during the Elimination Chamber. Also, Sami Zayn’s role at WrestleMania 39.

Tony Khan – Rumored Drug Habit Mocked

A few months back, popular MMA reporter Ariel Helwani had Tony Khan on his show. To put it mildly, the interview did not go well.

In fact, Helwani stated the interview “one of the most frustrating of my career.” In particular, he was unsure why Khan would not even address the All Out backstage fight with The Elite and CM Punk.

So, in the build to Elimination Chamber, Helwani interviewed Sami Zayn and was present at the PLE and SmackDown.

Khan did not like Helwani appearing on WWE programing and sent a tweet, questioning is ability as a reporter. Seemingly, the tweet backfired.

Both Helwani and later Michael Cole took apparent shots a Khan, without mentioning his name. Helwani hinted that Khan might have a drug problem, while Cole mocked Khan for refusing to answer questions and called him “snowman.”

“On your right, there’s Georges St-Pierre,” said Cole. “One of the greatest MMA stars of all-time. On the left, the unbiased, world renowned combat sports journalist, Ariel Helwani, who asks all the hard questions whether you want to answer them or not.”

We must note, there is no proof that Khan has done drugs. Although, there is a long running rumor that Khan has a problem with cocaine.

Since those remarks, Helwani has retweeted several other people mocking Khan. If Khan does have a problem, we wish him the best in resolving the matter.

For now, it is causing most of the internet community to get a good laugh at the entire situation.

Sami Zayn’s Next Move

Tony Khan Rumored Drug

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Sami Zayn was unsuccessful in defeating Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Elimination Chamber. Still, his performance was praised and many think he deserves another shot at WrestleMania 39.

One the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated WWE, at the moment, is yet to change course. Cody Rhodes will challenge Reigns, while Kevin Owens & Zayn against The Usos seems be in the cards.

Owens retuned after Zayn’s match and helped him from getting a further beating.

Also, during the final moments of the match, Zayn accidentally speared Jey Uso. Of course, Jey’s status with The Bloodline and Reigns has been in question since the Royal Rumble.


Of course, WWE still has time to make adjustments. If so, Reigns would defend his gold against Rhodes and Zayn in a triple threat match.

That would leave questions about the role of The Usos and Owens at the grandest show of the year.

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