Priscilla Presley Looked On As Son Was Nearly Killed By Camel Days Before Lisa Marie Died

Priscilla Presley witnessed her son almost being killed by a camel weeks before her daughter Lisa Marie died of a heart attack.

It’s been nearly one month since Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, died of a heart attack at the age of 54. It has since been revealed that Priscilla had witnessed her son Navarone Garibaldi Garcia nearly be killed by a camel just a few days before Lisa Marie died. 

Priscilla’s Son Attacked By Camel

Navarone, 35, told People Magazine that he and Priscilla, 77, were visiting an animal sanctuary outside of Los Angeles when a 2,000 lb. camel “attacked” him after he stopped to feed the animal. 

“When I ran out of food, it bit me by the hand and lifted me up almost off my feet,” Navarone recalled. “It then dropped me on the ground and pounced. While it was pouncing on me, it literally got my whole head in its mouth and bit me.”

Sanctuary workers desperately tried to save Navarone, but they were unable to get the camel off of him. It was only when a dog ran over to assist that the camel finally backed off.

“The dog knew something was wrong and was freaking out and going at its face,” he said. “That’s what got the camel off.”

Priscilla ‘Was Traumatized’

Navarone went on to say that Priscilla was “freaking out” as she helplessly watched this horrifying situation unfold right before her eyes. 

“She was traumatized,” he added. “When we got to the emergency room, it was funny because everybody was sitting there with nothing too serious looking, meanwhile I had blood all over me.”

Navarone had to get 34 staples to his head, and he walked away feeling lucky to be alive. He felt even luckier two weeks later, when his sister died suddenly.

“I mean, I was happy I survived before, but now it’s like, thank God I survived,” he said. “My mom would’ve lost two kids in two weeks.”

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Priscilla Struggling After Lisa Marie’s Death

Priscilla has understandably been struggling in the weeks since Lisa Marie passed away. Last Wednesday was a particularly difficult day for her, as it would have been Lisa Marie’s 55th birthday. 

“Today would have been Lisa’s 55th birthday. My wish is to protect my three grandchildren and keep our family together,” Priscilla told Page Six. “From the first moment I held Lisa in my arms, I’ve protected, loved and guided her, as I have my son.”

“Our hearts are broken, and I am having to learn to live without my only daughter,” she added. “We truly love all of you, and we feel your prayers. Thank you so much for caring so deeply for our family.”

Priscilla Contesting Lisa Marie’s Will

Priscilla is currently contesting Lisa Marie’s will after learning that she had been cut out of it, leading to some allegations that she does not have the wishes of her late daughter at heart. She has since fired back to deny these accusations, however. 

“I loved Elvis very much as he loved me. Lisa is a result of our love,” Priscilla told E! News. “For anyone to think anything differently would be a travesty of the family legacy and would be disrespectful of what Elvis left behind in his life.”

“As I have always been there for Elvis’ legacy, our family and the fans, I will continue to forge a pathway forward with respect, honesty, dignity, integrity and love,” she continued.

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This has clearly been a very stressful few weeks for Priscilla, and the fact that she nearly lost her other child at around the same time that Lisa Marie died has to only have made things even harder for her. Please join us in saying a prayer for her during this difficult time. 

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