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In the crazy world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find someone who is open about their strong Christian faith. That’s why it’s so refreshing that Kelsey Grammer of “Frasier” fame is speaking out to say that religion is what guides his career. 

‘I’m Kind Of A Bible Guy’

Grammer’s latest role was that of Pastor Chuck Smith in the new movie Jesus Revolution, and it was particularly special to him given the role Christianity plays in his own life.

“It strikes me, you know, I probably have been preparing for [this role] all my life, honestly,” Grammer told Fox News. “It was a pretty seamless transition into playing Chuck. 

“I’m kind of a Bible guy,” he added. “I’ve been reading the Bible all my life. I turn to it for prayer, for reflection, for information, and I just always have. It’s just always been sort of at my fingertips throughout my life, ever since I was a boy. So I have a relationship with the Word of God, as they call it, that it was probably akin to what Chuck Smith’s relationship was with it.”

Check out a trailer for Jesus Revolution in the video below.

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Grammer’s Faith Tested

Grammer’s faith has been tested more times than that of the average Christian over the years. He was only 13 years-old when his father was fatally shot by a man trespassing on his property, and seven years later, the actor’s younger sister was kidnapped and brutally murdered. One of the men convicted of murdering her remains on death row to this day.

Five years later, Grammer’s two half brothers were killed while scuba diving in what is believed to have been a shark attack. On top of all that, the former “Cheers” star struggled with drugs and alcohol himself over the years.

“Well, honestly, there were times when I lost it,” he said of his faith. “I mean, there were times when I didn’t hold up so well.” 

“I’m writing a book about that right now, about my sister and how to sort of navigate that kind of shock in your life, that kind of horror … that so many encounter, and they lose their faith and don’t know what to do and to climb back out is very hard,” he added.

In a 2021 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Grammer talked further about how he managed to maintain his Christian faith through heartbreak. 

“Just because you express doubt doesn’t mean faith is gone,” he explained. “It’s worth expressing your doubt. God – or whatever you want to call It, Him or Her – will usually find a way to thank you for expressing your doubts. ‘Be not afraid’ – it’s a common phrase in the Bible, and it’s an extraordinary thing.”

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‘Frasier’ Reboot

Grammer is still as busy as ever professionally, as he’s gearing up to reprise his iconic role of Dr. Frasier Crane in the reboot of “Frasier,” which he’s confirmed is moving the setting from its original Seattle location to Boston.

“As we were cracking the stories and trying to invent another place for all the cast to be together again, it suddenly became clear that wasn’t going to work out,” he said of Seattle. 

“We suddenly thought, well, I thought I was having a dream, and I just said, ‘Oh, Frasier has to go back to Boston. He has unfinished business there. He didn’t finish. He felt like whatever the reason, he left with his tail between his legs a little bit. He hadn’t quite won, hadn’t quite gotten that that vision of what he thought his life should be in Boston,'” he continued. “So he’s going back to get it.”

God bless Grammer for showing the world that you can have a decades-long career in Hollywood while still maintaining your Christian faith. We can’t wait to see the “Frasier” reboot, and to see his new Christian movie Jesus Revolution as well!

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