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In the liberal, secular world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any actor who is brave enough to speak out about his or her Christian faith. Hollywood promotes atheism as “cool,” and portrays conservative Christians as being closed-minded and “lame.” That’s why it came as a welcome surprise when “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer opened up about his Christian faith.

Lifezette reported that Grammer just appeared at the 2018 Television Critics Associations’ Summer Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California. While there, he reflected on the various lessons that he has learned throughout his life.

“Slow down. Don’t worry about it so much. Trust in God. Those are some of the chief ones,” Grammer said. The actor went on to say that while he “always” had faith in God, he lost it for a time after his beloved 18-year-old sister was brutally murdered in 1975.

“I lost my faith when my sister died, and went through a bit of a difficult time after that,” Grammer explained. “But always in the back of my mind, an old buddy of mine used to say, ‘I fell to my knees, and I cried out to the God of my childhood, and there was answer.’”

It’s refreshing to see an actor who is not afraid to be open about his journey to finding God! We need more actors like Grammer who are willing to serve as an example to Christians who may be looking for a role model in Hollywood.

Oh, and for all you “Frasier” fans, you’ll be pleased to know that Grammer also said that a reboot of the sitcom is “in the early stages.”

“I have a wonderful life,” Grammer said. “I played Frasier for 20 years. It might happen again. It might not.”

Here’s a clip from the last Frasier episode that gave me goosebumps when I watched – take a look:

I would certainly love to see Grammer back on TV playing Frasier again! God bless you, Kelsey Grammer!

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