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Jane Fonda bizarrely flirted with the former Fox News host Chris Wallace in a new interview as she promoted her movie 80 For Brady.

Fonda Flirts With Wallace

Daily Mail reported that the conversation between Fonda, 85, and Wallace, 75, got flirty when the woman who was nicknamed Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War was talking about how awkward she is at parties. 

“I hate parties. I hate cocktail parties. I always end up finding one person that is interesting and sitting in a corner all night. Do you do that?” she asked.  

“I know what you’re saying,” Wallace replied. 

“Because I’m shy, basically. Which, you know, just small talk. I don’t. I can’t do it. Isn’t that boring? Are you married?” Fonda continued. 

“Yes. Are you interested?” asked Wallace. 

“No, I just thought I should invite you to parties so that the two of us can just go into a corner,” Fonda said, to which Wallace responded, “I would love that.”

Fonda has been married and divorced three times, with her marriages being to French filmmaker Roger Vadim from 1965 and 1973, political activist Tom Hayden from 1973 and 1990, as well as CNN mogul Ted Turner from 1991 and 2001. Wallace, in contrast, has been married twice and has been with his current wife Lorraine Smothers since 1997.

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Fonda ‘Not Scared Of Dying’

The Independent reported that in this same interview, Fonda revealed that she is “not scared of dying” because she feels death is “an adventure.”

“I kind of, you know… I don’t want to go – I still have a lot to do,” she said. “What I’m really scared of is getting to the end of life with a lot of regrets when there’s no time to do anything about it.”

While Fonda said that she has “very few regrets,” she admitted that she “wishes” she could have been a different “kind of mother” to her three children.

“I have great, great children, talented, smart – and I I just didn’t know how to do it,” she confessed. 

We can only hope that one of Fonda’s other “few regrets” is her behavior during the Vietnam War, when she was nicknamed Hanoi Jane after she was pictured straddling an enemy anti-aircraft gun. The image showed to many the contempt that Fonda appears to have for the American people, something she has continued to show in the decades since as a radical liberal activist. 

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Fonda ‘Forgave’ Her Father

Earlier in the interview, Fonda told Wallace that she “forgave” her father Henry Fonda before he passed away back in 1982 at the age of 77. 

“Before he died, I was able to tell him, that I loved him and that that I forgave him for, you know, whatever didn’t happen,” she said. “And I hope that he would forgive me for not being a better daughter. I got to say that to him.”

“He didn’t say anything. But he wept. And I had never seen that before. I’ve never seen my father break down and weep. And it was… it was powerful,” Fonda added. “It’s so important to try to clear everything up before you go.”

It’s unfortunate that Fonda is still being given a platform to spew her nonsense to the world. The fact that Wallace even agreed to sit down with her shows once again that Fox News is better off without her. 

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