Corey Graves Teaming Carmella
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Corey Graves is open to a return inside the ring, especially if he is teaming with Carmella. Also, WWE still has concerns over Sami Zayn.

Corey Graves On Teaming With Carmella

Corey Graves found success in NXT and seemed like he might be a major player on the main roster. Unfortunately, a serious of concussions caused Graves’ in-ring career to be seemingly over.

After several years, Graves was eventually cleared again to compete inside a pro wrestling ring. Still, he is yet to return and remands a regular figure at the announce table.

While speaking to Pop Culture, Graves indicated he was not waiving-off a return inside the ring. In fact, he showed interest in competing alongside his wife and fellow WWE superstar, Carmella.

“I’ve recently started working with the NXT talent on helping develop characters and things of that nature,” said Graves. “And, I’ve really enjoyed it thus far.”

“So, I’m really looking forward to working with NXT a lot more as the year progresses. I’d like to remind everybody one more time that I have been cleared to compete.” 

“And, I can’t think of a better scenario for me to step back in the ring then alongside my beautiful wife.”

If Graves does return inside a ring, it might not be for a lengthy run. He has found so much success outside of the ring, that he might somewhat content with that role.

Although, it is tough to escape the wrestling bug. Working with his wife might be a nice way to end his career.

Pro wrestlers can only last for so long, so it nice to see Graves successfully transition into another role. And, the fans and WWE management seem to like the job he does.

Sami Zayn Concerns

Corey Graves Teaming Carmella

Source: @wrestlelamia, Twitter, Screenshot

Sami Zayn went from lackluster a year ago to arguably the most superstar in WWE today. His work with The Bloodline is Emmy worthy.

At the Elimination Chamber, Zayn failed to defeat Roman Reigns for his gold. Yet, his performance and reaction has garnered lots of attention from fans.

For now, it seems like WrestleMania 39 will feature Reigns against Cody Rhodes. Also, Zayn and Kevin Owens opposite The Usos seems like another marquee match.

On RAW, Sami opened the show to a huge reaction. Later, Cody Rhodes began to cut a promo before being immediately interrupted by Paul Heyman.

The timing was done on purpose. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melter noted how WWE was prepared for the reactions that evening.

Therefore, WWE only had Rhodes speak a few words before having Heyman appear. Basically, they were concerned the Canadian crowd would boo the person they see as the face of the company.

Zayn is in a tough spot as many believe he earned the right to be champion. If Reigns was not champion for so long or had both titles, then perhaps Sami would have been given a run at the top.

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