Candace Cameron Bure To Reunite With ‘Full House’ Co-Star Jodie Sweetin After ‘Traditional Marriage’ Drama

Candace Cameron Bure will be reuniting with Jodie Sweetin, her former "Full House" co-star, after their "traditional marriage" controversy.

Two months ago, we reported that Candace Cameron Bure had unfollowed her former “Full House” and “Fuller House” co-star Jodie Sweetin amidst her “traditional marriage” scandal. This move came after Sweetin appeared to publicly side against her former TV big sister when Cameron Bure said that her GAF network will “keep traditional marriage at its core.”

Now,  it appears that Cameron Bure and Sweetin may be putting this behind them, as it has just been announced that they will be reuniting at ’90s Con next month. 

Cameron Bure Reuniting With Sweetin

“It’s a FULL HOUSE BABY! We’re comin’ back to #90scon 😜 and OH MY LANTA I can hardly wait!
Mark your calendars, book your plane ticket, and meet us in Hartford CT on March 18th and 19th!” Cameron Bure wrote on Instagram alongside a post that included photos of her and Sweetin along with their former “Full House” co-stars Dave Coulier and Andrea Barber.

Cameron Bure made a point of tagging Sweetin in the post, even though she still does not follow her at the time of this writing. 

US Weekly reported that the drama all started back in November, when Cameron Bure gave an interview in which she explained why she’d made the move from the Hallmark Channel to Great American Family months before.

“My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning and purpose and depth behind them,” she explained at the time. “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.”

“I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core,” she added.

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Sweetin Sides Against Cameron Bure Amidst Backlash

The backlash against Cameron Bure was swift, with the cancel culture mob targeting her with accusations that her comments were anti-LGBTQ.  The 19 year-old social media influence JoJo Siwa, who identifies as a lesbian, fired back at Cameron Bure by saying that her remarks were “rude and hurtful to a whole community of people.”

“You know I love you,” Sweetin commented on Siwa’s post alongside two red heart emojis, indicating that she was taking the teenager’s side over the woman who had played her sister onscreen from the time they were small children.

Cameron Bure unfollowed Sweetin after her comment on Siwa’s post went viral, with many social media users fanning the flames in the comments section.

“At least she has the support from one of the ‘Tanner sisters’ … you should really talk to your girl @candacecbure. Seems like she needs a refresher in Christianity, God loves ALL his children!” one user commented. 

“I love you, Jodie,” another added. “I’m sure these situations put you in a hard place but I thank you for always standing up for our community. You’re awesome.” 

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Sweetin Doubles Down

Though Sweetin never attacked Cameron Bure by name, she also never defended her, instead doubling down on her own “woke” views in various interviews in the ensuing weeks. 

“I have always been an outspoken ally for LGBTQ communities, for Black Lives Matter,” Sweetin told Entertainment Tonight last month. “I’ve always tried to fight for equality and love for everyone. I feel like if you have a voice and you have a platform, it is incumbent on you to be loud and use it. Whether people like it all the time or not, sometimes.”

“I love my LGBTQ siblings,” she added. “They are amazing people. They are a wonderful family. I love and support them so much.”

It should be noted that Sweetin also went viral last summer when she claimed that she was “manhandled” by the LAPD at a pro-choice protest. Check out video of that incident below.

While it’s sad that Sweetin didn’t have her “Full House” sister’s back when she needed it most, it’s also typical of Cameron Bure that she’s taking the high road by putting this all behind her so that they can both attend ’90s Con together for the sake of their fans.

Perhaps once Sweetin sees Cameron Bure in person, she’ll have second thoughts about throwing such a good friend under the bus, just to get some likes on social media. 

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