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We previously reported that 2022 was a truly difficult year for the Hollywood star Valerie Bertinelli, as it saw her go through a bitter divorce from her ex-husband Tom Vitale. Now that we are in 2023, Bertinelli has announced that she is doing dry January and giving up alcohol so that she can do a full “reset” after the tough previous year.

Bertinelli’s ‘Two Reasons’ For Doing Dry January

Daily Mail reported that Bertinelli, 62, took to social media to announce to her followers that she is giving up alcohol for the month for “two reasons.”

“I have decided to go dry January,” Bertinelli said. “I’m doing it for two reasons. One, I want to try and cut down the cravings for my sugar, and I think alcohol … exacerbates that.”

“Two, I want to calm down the cortisol in my body that has been raging for the past five, six years I have been in fight, flight, freeze-fawn mode and I want to go into rest and digest,” she continued. “I think cutting alcohol will help me do that so I’m gonna try it out for January.”

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‘Let’s Do It Together’

Bertinelli went on to explain that she had already been drinking less over the past few months, so doing dry January officially is more about “resetting that fight, flight, freeze, fawn mode that I’m helping with mediation and with journaling, and I think with all that I may reset my whole body.”

The former “One Day At A Time” star concluded by saying that while she is not a doctor, she thinks that giving up alcohol for a few weeks could “reset and regulate” her nervous system.

“If you’re doing a dry January, let’s have fun. Let’s do it together,” she said. “If not, it’s okay. It don’t matter. You take care of yourself, I’ll take care of me.”

Bertinelli Celebrates Divorce

People Magazine reported that Bertinelli and Vitale filed for divorce in November of 2021 after ten years of marriage, and a bitter divorce battle quickly ensued. Their divorce was finally finalized in November of last year, and Bertinelli described learning that it was over as being the “second best day of my life.” 

On New Year’s Day, Bertinelli shared a video of her twirling around with a huge smile on her face as the Taylor Swift song “Clean” played in the background. 

“This new year day is coming in so much happier than last year’s,” she captioned the video. “From a young age, New Year’s Day has been one of my absolute favorite days, for the last 5-6 years it’s been one of the saddest. No more.”

“There is so much to look forward to now, when before it just looked endlessly sad, scary, lonely and stressful,” she added. “I have no idea what’s ahead for me and I’m not worried. I’m free. This new years day, 2023, is the first day of the rest of my life! I wish all of you every bit of joy and happiness and kindness that you claim. It’s all yours. Grab it!”

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After going through such a bitter divorce that clearly took a lot out of her, Bertinelli is certainly due for a reset. We wish her the best of luck with dry January, and we hope that giving up alcohol helps her to have a better year! 

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