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The country music legend Naomi Judd tragically took her own life in April of last year at the age of 76. Now, her suicide note has been revealed, and the contents of it are nothing short of shocking.

Naomi’s Suicide Note

The New York Post has obtained photos from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Franklin, Tennessee that show a post-it note that Naomi left before fatally shooting herself on April 30, 2022. On this note, Naomi simply wrote that she did not want her 58 year-old daughter Wynonna, who was her singing partner for decades, to attend her funeral.

“Do not let Wy come to my funeral. She’s mentally ill,” Naomi allegedly wrote, underlining the word “not” for emphasis.

A source told RadarOnline that despite this, Wynonna did in fact attend Naomi’s funeral. Another friend added to Page Six that Wynonna was “crushed” by her mother’s final words.

“Wy knows better than anyone the mental struggles Naomi went through, but it just crushes her to think her mom’s dying thoughts were so vicious,” this friend said. 

Daily Mail reported that other images that were released included photos of Naomi’s blood-stained bedding and a photo of a gun on her nightstand.

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Naomi’s Police Report

The official police report states that Naomi killed herself while her husband Larry Strickland, who she was married to for 33 years, was traveling. An officer noted that the country music legend did not like being alone, and was struggling with her husband being gone. 

The police report also confirms that it was Naomi’s 54 year-old daughter Ashley who found her body. Minutes before Naomi’s suicide, Ashley had seen her mother in a manic state that was so intense that she called Dr. Ted Klontz, who is the family physician. He attended to Naomi in her bedroom, but had left just for a minute when the country music star took the opportunity to shoot herself. 

Weeks later, Ashley gave an interview in which she opened up about her mother’s death.

“There are some things that we would just like to retain as a family,” she said. “Both sister and Pop [stepfather Larry Strickland] have sort of deputized me in certain ways to speak on behalf of the family at this early time before things about the 30th of April become public without our control.”

“Once I say it, it cannot be unsaid,” Ashley added as she began to cry. “She used a weapon … my mother used a firearm. So, that’s the piece of information that we are very uncomfortable sharing, but understand that we’re in a position that if we don’t say it, someone else is going to.”

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Wynonna Speaks Out

One month after her mother’s death, Wynonna discussed her own grief over the suicide.

“I DO know, that the pain of losing Mom on 4/30 to suicide is so great, that I often feel like I’m not ever going to be able to fully accept and surrender to the truth that she left the way she did,” she said. “This cannot be how The Judds story end.” 

Wynonna went on to say that she plans to do the work to avoid the mental health struggles that have plagued her family. 

“I really DO know, that I’m not able to do this grieving thing all by myself, and that it’s okay to reach out for help,” she stated. “I will continue to fight for my faith, for my SELF, for my family, and I WILL continue to show up & sing.” 

Naomi’s suicide was already tragic enough, but her final note makes the entire situation even more sad. Please join us in saying a prayer for the Judd family as they continue to grieve this unimaginable loss. 

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