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The legendary singer Marie Osmond has managed to maintain her 50-pound weight loss for an impressive 15 years, and in a new interview, the 63 year-old is opening up about how she’s done this.

Osmond Maintains Weight Loss

After struggling with her weight for decades, maintaining her weight loss was very important to Osmond for a variety of reasons. 

“At this stage of my life, I can tell you that weight ages you,” Osmond explained to Fox News. “It also takes away the joy out of being active with your children and grandchildren. It takes away your health, even mentally. It’s not healthy for you. And when you hear the world saying, ‘Love me however I am,’ I think you love yourself to be the best version of you… so that you can live your fullest, most beautiful life. That’s why I have continued this.’”

“I would never go back to who I was,” she added. “Never. I could never have done everything I’ve done. My last album, my current album, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard. I’m 63. That’s stupid, right?… Never could I have done that without the energy I have.”

Watch Osmond open up about her past weight struggles in the video below.

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Osmond’s Weight Loss Journey

It was 2007 when the 5’5 tall Osmond reached her heaviest weight of 165 pounds, putting her at a size 14. Desperate to change her life, Osmond tried the meal delivery weight loss program that is known as Nutrisystem, which helped her drop down to a size 4. In the years since then, Osmond has managed to keep the weight off, and she’s happier than ever these days.

“Food is not my enemy anymore,” she said. “That’s the biggest thing it taught me. What is full and what is emotional?.… I’m 63 and I’m living my most fabulous life right now. I know who I am.”

“I’ve been through the crazy stuff, the heartache, the parts where you’re on the floor going, ‘I don’t know how to take my next breaths,'” Osmond added. “It’s really nice to be at a place where — look, I don’t have a 20-year-old body, but I certainly don’t have a 63-year-old body. And I believe the more you take care of you, the more your body takes care of you.”

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Osmond Loves Being A Grandma

Work has also slowed down for Osmond, as she and her brother Donny ended their 11-year Las Vegas residency back in 2019.

Though she led a sold-out tour during the holidays in 2022, Osmond’s happy to have some much-needed time at home with her family now that it’s a new year.

“I really love being a grandma,” Osmond said with joy. “When you get down to this stage of life, the most important thing you have is your health and your family. And it’s truly in that order, too. You can have a family, but if you can’t participate in their lives because you’re sick…”

“It’s why I’m a big advocate for getting weight under control,” she concluded. “It makes such a difference. Believe me, it changed my life to get it off me. The best youth pill you can take is to just be healthy.”

Losing weight is hard enough, but maintaining that weight loss for such an extended period of time is extremely difficult. We’re so glad to see that Osmond seems to be at such a good place with both her family and her own health, and we wish her many years of happiness to come! 

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