Marie Osmond On How Her Christian Faith Helped Her Dodge Child Star Curse

Marie Osmond revealed how her Christian faith helped her dodge the child star curse, saying "my belief in God made all the difference."

We’ve all seen countless child stars go down a bad path in life that ultimately leads to their own destruction. Fame is a difficult thing for even adults to deal with, so it can wreak havoc in the life of a child who achieves stardom at a young age. 

Marie Osmond Dodges Child Star Curse

One person who managed to escape the child star curse, however, is Marie Osmond. She’s been a household name since she was a young girl, but she never succumbed to the temptations that destroyed so many of her fellow childhood stars.

Osmond has been in show business since she made her first appearance on “The Andy Williams Show” alongside her brothers. She was just 3 years old.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Osmond credited both the way her parents raised her and her “belief in God” for helping her stay on the right path in life. 

Marie Osmond Christian
Marie’s parents George and Olive Osmond (left) and Marie with her mom (right).

“I think it starts with family. My mother saved me,” explained Osmond, 61. “I remember when I was doing ‘Donny & Marie,’ I was about 17 at the time. I was working 17, 18 hour days and we had to memorize 350-page scripts in two and a half days.

“It was a lot of work and I went to school so I would come home late at night,” she added. “I remember one time I said, ‘Mother, I have to go to bed. We’re taping in the morning and I need to look good.'”

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Osmond Was Treated Like A Normal Teen At Home

Osmond may have been a star in the outside world, but at home, she was treated as just another teenager who was expected to pull her wright with no attitude. 

“She goes, ‘You have chores to do.’ And I said, ‘Mother, I’m like Marie Osmond.’ She said, “Really? Well, you can clean the toilet too. [TV] is your job. This is reality,'” she added.

“I think the way my parents raised me and my belief in God made all the difference,” Osmond continued. “You have to look at the big picture and see what’s important. But you’re right, not a lot of people make it.”

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Osmond’s Values And Faith Have Gotten Her Through Life

Life has not always been easy for Marie. She has had many challenges, including abuse and the death of a child. In 2011, her son Michael Blosil, 18, died from suicide. 

However, her values and her Christian faith have always helped her to just keep on going.

“And look, life wasn’t always easy. I’ve dealt with abuse,” she recalled. “But… I didn’t want my past to define my future. The best way to not let the past define you is to live positively for the future and to make the best choices for you. Giving back has always been important in my career, too.”

God bless Osmond for showing us all how powerful a proud Christian woman can be! 

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