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The radically liberal comedian Chelsea Handler, who loves lecturing the public about leftwing politics, has admitted that she thought that the sun and the moon were the same thing until she was 40. 

Chelsea Handler Thought Sun And Moon Were The Same

Handler, 47, dropped this humiliating bomb in an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show” on Thursday night as she talked about why she does not want to be a parent. 

“I’m not equipped with what it takes to answer all of those questions to children,” she said, according to Page Six. “I don’t have the tolerance for that kind of line of questioning about things that I don’t even know the answer to and, at a certain age, when you don’t know the answers to questions, it’s too embarrassing to ask questions, you know? You just have to pretend, you know.”

As an example of this, Handler brought up a trip to Africa that she took a few years ago.

“I talk about this story…this is true. I didn’t know until I was 40 years old that the sun and the moon were not the same thing,” Handler said, with a visibly stunned Fallon replying, “I find this hard to believe.”

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Chelsea Handler Learns Sun And Moon Are Different

Handler went on to say that she learned that the sun and the moon were different while riding elephants with her sister on this trip. 

“My older sister Simone looked up a the sky and she said, ‘Chelsea, Chelsea, look up. It’s not often you get to see the sun and the moon at the same time,’” she recalled.

Handler looked up in shock as she told her sister, “But they’re always together.”

“As soon as I said that, she turned around and she goes, ‘what did you say?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, shut up shut up shut up,’” Handler continued with a laugh. 

Handler tried to deflect, but her sister wasn’t having it, and she told the comedian, “No, I need you to tell me what you think is happening between the sun and the moon.”

“I was like, ‘Honestly, I just assumed when the sun went down, it popped back up as the moon.’ I’m like, ‘Is that not what’s happening?’” Handler told Fallon. 

Handler concluded by saying that while the man who was riding the elephant with them didn’t even speak English, he still shook his head at her stupidity.

“He’s just like, ‘Another dumb American,’ you know?” she said. 

Check out Handler’s full story about this in the video below.

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Comedian Fancies Herself To Be A Political Expert 

Despite being so ignorant that she didn’t even know that the sun and the moon were different until just a few years ago, Handler still considers herself to be a political expert.

Handler is preparing to guest host the political “Daily Show” later this month, and while appearing on “The View” on Thursday morning, she pledged to go after Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) when she’s hosting the Comedy Central show. 

“The Marjorie Taylor Greenes and the Lauren Boeberts, I mean, it’s just too much to not talk about, you know?” Handler said, according to Yahoo News. “And those are the kinds of women that you can go after, and I intend to do it, because they need to be called out. It’s so unwomanly to be behaving like that!”

At least Marjorie and Lauren have probably always known that the sun and the moon are different, Chelsea. 

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