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Jane Fonda is speaking out this week to admit that she was “starstruck” when she met the NFL legend Tom Brady on the set of their new movie 80 For Brady, which comes out in theaters on January 28.

But first, check out a trailer for 80 For Brady below. 

‘My Knees Actually Got Week’

Daily Mail reported while walking the red carpet of the movie’s premiere in Palm Springs, California on Friday night, the 85 year-old talked about what it was like to meet Brady, 45.

“My knees actually got weak when he walked into my trailer,” Fonda told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m in awe of that kind of skill. When somebody is the best in the world at what they do, you have to honor that and respect it. I was just awestruck.”

“He was kind and humble, which is hard to believe considering how brilliant he is at what he does, but it’s true,” she said. “He was also sweet and polite.”

80 for Brady is about four female friends who travel to Houston, Texas to watch the 2017 Super Bowl, which saw Brady lead the New England Patriots to victory. Fonda plays one of the women, with the other three being portrayed by Sally Field, Rita Moreno, and Lily Tomlin.

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Brady And Other Stars Sound Off

Brady opened up last summer about what it was like to work with these four legendary actresses.

“We found the most amazing actresses,” he said. “Lily, Jane, Rita and Sally. They brought it all to life. At the end of the day, watching them act and watching them perform was so cool.”

During the premiere on Friday, Tomlin said that she enjoyed working with Brady. 

“Well, it was pretty fabulous,” she said. “He’s a good actor. He’s very personable and unassuming.”

Tomlin went on to say that she and Brady share a long but impactful scene in the film.

“Just looking at his face and his eyes and watching him listen to me as an actor trying to reciprocate in the same way,” the Oscar-nominated actress said. “I felt like I was that [real-life] woman from Boston who was in her 80s. I felt, in fact, as though he was my son when I had to do this speech with him.”

Field agreed that when it comes to performing, Brady is a natural.

“He’s clearly a performer,” she explained. “He knows where to put any kind of adrenaline he might have and knows how to ride it over the top. He’s a jaw-dropping, once-in-a-liftetime athlete and that’s really hard to be around.”

“Just the fact that I was there, I mean, I’ve been a fan and watched him play — who hasn’t?” Field continued. “He’s really staggering, not only for his physical skills but for his mental skills. He’s a chess player out there [on the field].”

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Fonda Talks Fun On Set

Fonda chimed back in to add that working with Brady wasn’t the only highlight of making the movie, as the women had fun with each other as well. She told People Magazine that “getting us to stop talking to each other and start playing our characters” was a challenge. 

“You know, we just — whether it was Rita and I singing — she starts a song and I finish it and vice versa,” she said. “And I don’t know, we just, we really enjoyed it.”

We may not agree with Fonda politically, but this movie does look like it is going to be a fun one. Be sure to check out 80 For Brady when it comes out later this month!

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