YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is the latest to join up with the PFL.

Paul has signed an exclusive contract with the promotion and will help in building a new PFL pay-per-view super fight division.

Along with his business partner, Nakisa Bidarian, the two will work to provide another opportunity for this in combat sports. Paul will also compete for the division.

The new PFL PPV Super Fight Division is open for business effective immediately. The league is in the process of signing top PPV fighters, who want to become true economic partners. Fighters in the PFL PPV Super Fight Division will earn 50% of the revenue from PPV events, which is groundbreaking pay in MMA.  

As the first fighter under contract for PFL PPV Super Fights, Paul is partnering with PFL due to its “fighter-first” culture to co-create this new 50-50 revenue partnership model for all PPV fights. As a long-time advocate for fighter-pay, Paul has also been appointed Head of Fighter Advocacy and will continue to work towards a business model that benefits all top fighters. 

“I’ve proven myself in and out of the boxing ring and now I am going to do the same in MMA, and there is no limit to the positive impact I can make on the sport,” Paul said. “I plan to enter the PFL SmartCage and once again show the world that that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Outside of the cage, equal fighter-pay and advocating for female fighters has been my passion, and I am aligned with PFL to evolve the sport.

“I believe in PFL, their mission, and what they have accomplished in a very short period of time. That is why I chose to partner with PFL exclusively, both as a fighter and a businessperson. As Head of Fighter Advocacy, I will consistently promote PFL fighters and I invite all top MMA fighters, both men and women, to join the PFL and get a payday like they’ve never had before.”

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