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George Takei and William Shatner, who starred together on the original “Star Trek” television series back in the 1960s, have been bitterly feuding for decades. Their public battle with one another has just escalated once again, as Takei is speaking out to slam Shatner for the 2021 trip to space that he took on the dime of Jeff Bezos.

Takei Bashes Shatner

“Well, he wasn’t really in outer space and it wasn’t for very long,” Takei, 85, told The Mirror, referring to the trip to space that Shatner, 91, took on Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket in October of 2021.

“I’ve also been in zero gravity but I did it for longer,” he continued. “I took a parabolic flight and experienced five minutes of weightlessness, whereas William only experienced three minutes. So I’ve spent more time in zero gravity than him.”

Takei went on to claim that there’s “no animosity” between himself and Shatner, only to then take more swipes at his former co-star. 

“Oh, there’s no animosity,” Takei claimed. “In ‘Star Trek’ I was blessed by wonderful and lifelong friends, and we all enjoyed each other’s company… except for the prima donna.”

“Let’s just say he’s not the easiest guy to work with and I wouldn’t leap at another opportunity,” he added. “That’s a universal feeling, although the others have a better sense of restraint and discretion. I believe in being honest and forthright.”

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Takei On Whether He And Shatner Can Mend Feud

As for whether there’s any chance that Takei would meet with Shatner to talk out their feud, he said, “We meet up all the time.” 

“We do ‘Star Trek’ conventions,” he explained. “We cross paths and I say, ‘Hi Bill’ and he says, ‘Hi George’, and we keep on walking.”

This comes two months after Takei blasted Shatner as “a cantankerous old man” in another interview, according to Yahoo News

“He is a cantankerous old man and I will not talk about him anymore,” Takei said at the time. “I vow that this is the very last time I talk about him.”

So much for that, as it only took Takei two more months to devote another entire interview to bashing the man who played Captain Kirk! 

Shatner Fires Back

Shatner fired back to the “cantankerous old man” jab by saying, “George [Takei] has never stopped blackening my name. These people are bitter and embittered. I have run out of patience with them. Why give credence to people consumed by envy and hate?”

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Takei couldn’t resist responding to this dig by telling The Guardian that Shatner is a “prima donna.”

When asked if any members of the “Star Trek” cast got along with Shatner, Takei replied, “No, none of us.”

“He was self-involved,” Takei continued. “He enjoyed being the centre of attention. He wanted everyone to kowtow to him.”

While it’s clear that there’s no love lost between these two men, it seems like Takei is the one who can’t let this feud go and is constantly bashing Shatner in the public eye. Perhaps it’s time for Takei to let his disdain for Shatner go so that they can both enjoy their golden years in peace. 

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