WWE Sold Saudi Arabia
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WWE is going to be sold to someone and rumors state Saudi Arabia will make the purchase. Although, there are now conflicting reports.

Conflicting Reports If WWE Is Being Sold To Saudi Arabia

When thinking of WWE, the word controversial is usually always around. Therefore, the latest move has more than just pro wrestling fans talking.

Years ago, WWE put a 10 year deal together with Saudi Arabia. It would see the company produce two shows per year for the decade.

Because of the pandemic, WWE missed several shows. Hence, the contract will have to be slightly extended.

At the time, many were not happy with the deal. Basically, it came down to how the Saudi Arabian government treat others.

A point of Saudi Arabia allowing WWE to produce shows, now with women, is showing the world they are changing. Seemingly, they want a better image than most of the world sees them.

So, that bring us to Vince McMahon. He was pushed into retirement after several hush money settlements were paid over sexual incidents.

Then, things quickly changed as WWE the product improved with Triple H running creative. Also, Stephanie McMahon was one of the CEOs, but she just resigned. 

Latest On Saudi Arabia Buying WWE

WWE Sold Saudi Arabia

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In December, Vince wrote a letter stating his intention to return and sell the WWE. Well, that request was denied. 

Not much later and news about Vince wanting back went public. Several people were fired and Vince was able to return as Executive Chairman of the Board.

Yesterday, it was noted how WWE is reportedly planning to sell to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. Once that information became public knowledge, many people expressed frustration. 

Some wrestlers are apparently not happy, which is expected. They were, what many called being held hostage, during one of the overseas events.

Plus, many of the females and those in the LGBTQ community are concerned how Saudi Arabia will treat them. The same goes for someone like Sami Zayn, who is not allowed into the country because of his Syrian ethnicity.

Besides Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, there were other interested parties. They include Comcast, Disney, Endeavor Group Holdings, Amazon and Netflix.

As of now the sale is not official, but it looks like that is the direction WWE is headed. There is no doubt, many people will stop watching WWE and some might leave the company.

Less than a day later and there some conflicting reports if the purchase is happening. For now, just stay tuned as this breaking news story unfolds. 

Fans Not Happy

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