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The billionaire Oprah Winfrey is being hit with backlash after a video went viral in which she appears to be shocked to hear from a fan that $100 is too much for him to spend on a Christmas gift.

Oprah Video Goes Viral

Daily Mail reported that the video shows Oprah, a mogul worth around $2.5 billion, being asked by a fan what Christmas gift he should get his mother, who is not doing well at the moment.

“A wonderful thing is that jewellery box that I had on Favorite Things. A beautiful red jewelry box with a little…” Oprah replies. 

“That’s too expensive for me,” the fan interjects.

Oprah appears to be visibly stunned by this, and she quickly assures the fan that the jewelry box is only “like $100.”

The fan proceeded to explain to Oprah that he’s on a lower budget, and was therefore hoping to buy a gift for his mother that is more sentimental than expensive. 

Oprah seemed to try to think of an alternative, telling the man, “You do a list of your top ten reasons why you love her, and you make a beautiful card, and it’s your top ten.”

Check out the cringeworthy clip, which has been viewed nearly one million times on TikTok, for yourself in the video below.

Oprah was widely panned for the video online, with many accusing her of being out of touch. 

“A billionaire doesn’t understand how it is for the rest of us,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “She was SHOOK that $100 was too expensive. ‘Do they even make things that cost less than $100?'”

“She said ‘oh you poor? I got a better gift for you,'” a third user wrote. A fourth commented, “I think that she has forgotten where she came from, as most celebrities do once they reach mega status.” 

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Oprah’s Lavish Lifestyle

Oprah is known to be one of the richest women in America, and she reportedly makes $300 million per year while also owning $127 million worth of real estate. She spends much of her time in her sprawling Georgian-style mansion in Montecito, California, which is located not far from where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live with their two children.

Oprah has expanded her Montecito property, which she has named The Promised Land, over the years by purchasing neighboring estates. The main mansion includes six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, a chef’s kitchen, and an expansive dining room. 

Oprah also had an entire second home built “for the sole purpose of reading the New York Times in the morning while drinking her tea,” according to Vogue. Montecito is just one of the places where Oprah owns property, as she has various others around the country in places like Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, Nashville, and Chicago. 

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Oprah’s Private Jet

Oprah can easily travel to her various properties whenever she pleases on the $75 million private jet that she bought back in 2015. She has since revealed that she chose to purchase the private jet after a female fan approached her at Chicago O’Hare Airport and asked her for a hug.

Oh, the horror!

No wonder Oprah has lost all touch with reality! Like many other wealthy leftwing celebrities, Oprah no longer has any concept of what it’s like to be a normal American. Perhaps she should keep that in mind before she tries to lecture the rest of us about her liberal politics again. 

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