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The singer Kid Rock is speaking out to blast Oprah Winfrey after she endorsed the Democrat John Fetterman over Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, who she worked with for decades, in the Pennsylvania senatorial race.

‘Oprah Is A Fraud’

“Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career,” Kid Rock tweeted over the weekend. “I assume because she vetted him and found him to be a wonderful person. Now she is against him. Oprah is a fraud. -Kid Rock.”

This came days after Oprah publicly endorsed Fetterman during a virtual conversation with community leaders. Her endorsement came as a surprise to some, given the fact that Oz became famous as a health expert on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

“I’ll tell you all this, if I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman for many reasons,” Oprah said, according to Fox News

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Fetterman And Oz Respond

Fetterman’s campaign responded by saying that Oprah’s endorsement “speaks volumes.”

“Oprah is widely regarded as the person who helped launch Dr. Oz’s career, and knows him well,” the campaign said, adding that her endorsement is an “honor and privilege,” going on to say that she is a “leader on so many issues — fighting for our democracy, passing common-sense gun reform, and ensuring racial justice. I’m grateful for Oprah’s support and trust on the issues that matter to people across the country and Pennsylvania as we close out this campaign.”

Oz also responded to Oprah’s endorsement of his opponent through his senior communications advisor Rachel Tripp.

“Doctor Oz loves Oprah and respects the fact that they have different politics,” she said. “He believes we need more balance and less extremism in Washington.”

The Pennsylvania Senate race is incredibly tight, with Oz leading Fetterman by a margin of 1 percentage point at the time of this writing. The entire country is watching this race closely, as it might decide which party gains control of the Senate after tomorrow’s midterm elections. 

‘F*** Oprah Winfrey’

Kid Rock has spoken out against Oprah in the past, once stopping a concert to say “f*** Oprah Winfrey” and “f*** Joy Behar.”

“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, I own what I said,” Kid Rock told Fox News host Tucker Carlson of this incident back in June as he refused to apologize for the comments. 

“I don’t apologize to anybody. I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan,” he added, according to Fox 17. “I got drunk and f—i’ next thing, I’m on stage [saying] f— Oprah”

Kid Rock is one of the few openly conservative celebrities out there, and he was a proud supporter of the former President Donald Trump.

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“I am uncancelable,” Kid Rock said earlier this year, according to The Hill. “I’m not in bed with any big corporate things. At the end of the day, there’s nobody I’m beholden to — no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing. You can’t cancel me. I love it when they try.”

It should be noted that Fetterman suffered a stroke earlier this year, and many have questioned his cognitive abilities as a result. It’s no wonder that Kid Rock’s tweet about Oprah went viral, as many will certainly agree with his assessment of her endorsement. 

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