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Many firmly believe that the former NFL legend O.J. Simpson got away with murder when he was acquitted for the 1994 killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. That’s why it felt like karma when he later served nine years behind bars for robbery. 

In a new interview, five years after his release from prison, Simpson is claiming that he should never have been charged and imprisoned for robbery because it was his own property that he was taking back.

Simpson Whines About Robbery Charges

“What robbery?” said Simpson, 75. “It was my stuff, and I got it. California ruled it was my stuff, and they gave it to me. So, I do have … most people don’t know that. But it was my property that some friends, who I thought were friends, had, somehow, stolen or got their hands on, and they were trying to sell it.”

“And it was my memorabilia,” he continued. “And I hate it when the media says, ‘Oh, it’s memorabilia, guys.’ No, this is my stuff. My mother’s wedding album, you know, pictures of my kids being born, all kinds of stuff.”

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Simpson’s Robbery 

NBC News reported that in the summer of 2007, Simpson allegedly broke into a Las Vegas hotel room with five other men to steal various pieces of memorabilia that he claimed belonged to him. One of the dealers who was robbed in this incident testified in court that Simpson burst into the room and screamed, “This all belongs to me. You stole this from me.”

Simpson was later convicted of armed robbery and he served the minimum of a nine- to 33-year prison sentence. His parole came to an end a few months early last year due to good behavior, according to TMZ

“Mr. Simpson is a completely free man now,” Simpson’s attorney said at the time. 

The Juice Keeps Whining

In his latest interview, Simpson argued that he never should have served any time for this crime, however. 

“Now, all of it wasn’t in that room because … but the guy that they were trying to get to fence it made him send pictures and he kept calling me,” Simpson said. “And he sent me pictures of what they had. It’s a juice look, you know, I could sell this stuff for them and make money, but this is personal stuff. These guys shouldn’t be doing this, and one thing led to another and nine years.”

Since his release from prison, Simpson has settled down in a gated community in Las Vegas, and he spends much of his time playing golf, according to Reuters

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Simpson’s History

Simpson was one of the most popular NFL stars in the world before his ex-wife Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were brutally stabbed to death in 1994. Many felt that Simpson committed this heinous crime, so the world was shocked when he was acquitted the next year after a sensational televised trial.

It should be noted that in 1997, Simpson lost a civil wrongful death suit, with a $33.5 million judgement being sent down against him.

In the end, Simpson can claim he was innocent of his robbery charges all he wants to, but it won’t change the fact that millions of Americans still think that prison is exactly where he belongs. 

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