Mandy Rose WWE Exit
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Fans are still reeling from the recent news about Mandy Rose being released by the WWE. Reports indicated that her exit from the company was due to her side hustle, a premium content service. However, new reports reveal there is so much more to this story.

More On Mandy Rose & WWE Exit

According to Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez, the WWE was aware of Mandy Rose’s “premium content” site. Plus, the company was “okay” with it all, at first.

As Alvarez notes, it was not an issue for the WWE, for a while now. However, when Rose began to show far more of herself than anticipated, the WWE had to put on the breaks.

Bryan also notes that Mandy knew that the WWE was opposed to the kind of content she was posting on “Fan Time”, her subscription site. It’s unclear how many notices the company gave her to stop this before they released her, but in the end, they needed to drop the hammer.

But Wait! There’s More To the Mandy Rose & Her WWE Exit …

Still, there’s even more to this story! During the above report, Alvarez also notes that Rose was making more money from her Fan Time account than what she was bringing in from her WWE contract.

The exact monetary difference was not noted, but Bryan did point out that Mandy did have a WWE main roster contract as an NXT Women’s Champion. So, even though Rose has been canned from the company, at least she has a lucrative backup plan.

Users who want to subscribe to Mandy’s premium content site can do so for $30 per month. Additional content can be purchased “ala carte”, which adds up.

Mandy Rose improved significantly in the ring and on the mic during her NXT time, which makes her release that much more disheartening. In fact, she had an epic reign as women’s champion for over 400 days.

What’s next for Mandy in the world of wrestling? Only time will tell.

Over to some other WWE news, it seems like HHH is mulling over the idea of reuniting a popular NXT tag team on the main roster. More on this story below.

NXT Tag Team Reuniting

According to Xero News, Trips is thinking about reuniting DIY’s Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. The plans are for the team to reunite on Monday Night RAW, once Ciampa recovers and returns from his current injury.

Mandy Rose WWE Exit

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As per the report, Triple H believes DIY would be great for the RAW tag division. It also adds that he wants to give the two a tag run before he splits them off into singles competition.

DIY’s History In NXT

Ciampa and Gargano have incredible in-ring chemistry and have done some great things in NXT. They made a great tag team and even scored the NXT Tag Team Championships at one point.

However, the two not only told great stories when they are aligned but also when they are rivals. It’s undeniable that Tommaso and Johnny had one of the greatest feuds in NXT history.

The two delivered some epic matches during their feud and had a memorable program as foes. So, while having them team up will be a nice watch for fans, having the tag partners split up, might be even better.

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