wwe releases nxt superstars
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Even under new leadership, changes will happen, as WWE releases a handful of NXT Superstars. Plus, could an all-women’s premium live event be returning?

WWE Releases NXT Superstars

Even though the new boss has been bringing back some talent, others always have to go. As such, WWE releases a handful of NXT Superstars.

The most notable names on the list would be Bodhi Hayward and Sloane Jacobs.

If interested, all the released names can be found here, thanks to Fightful.

Hayward was getting more television time in recent months, growing into a bigger role as part of Chase U.

However, along with news of his release came rumblings that perhaps Hayward was not the easiest to work with.

Those whispers came out of the Wrestling Observer, and it sounds like there could be more coming out in due time.

wwe releases nxt superstars

source: @johncenatwo, twitter, screenshot

If true, it’s unfortunate. But it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a promising young talent needing to be humbled a bit before coming back around.

Not every can’t miss prospect hits, and I don’t think Bodhi was even considered to be a can’t miss kind of talent.

He was a good fit alongside Andre Chase, but clearly those running NXT decided that whatever they were experiencing off camera did not outweigh anything we saw on it.

It is possible in the cases of the other NXT releases that, like some before them, the trainers were not seeing enough to warrant keeping them on. 

All-Women’s Event Returning?

Hard to believe, but the all-women’s PPV Evolution was four years ago. Could the event be returning?

If you believe Dana Brooke…it will be returning, and in the near future.

All things considered, the event was not a bad thing. I don’t recall people calling it the best show ever,  but for what it was and how it came together, it was fine.

I’d argue that the production value could have been better, and given who runs things now…it probably would be.

Dana Brooke was recently interviewed by NBCSports Boston, and when talking about the first Evolution event on it’s anniversary…she dropped some information.

In her perspective-and perhaps it is hope, or she’s got inside information-the Evolution all-women’s event will be returning sometime in the near future.

wwe releases nxt superstars

source: @zona_wrestling, twitter, screenshot

Considering I’d argue that the depth of the WWE women’s roster is far better than it was four years ago? This could be a great event.

Looking at the next six months of what is (or is no longer) scheduled? There would certainly be opportunities to run a special event and give the women another (long overdue) showcase.

Officially, nothing has been said or announced. 

At least one fan had a creative solution to the bad KSA deal and lack of Evolution…

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