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When the Hollywood stars Tim Allen and Tom Hanks were spotted having lunch together back in September, fans got their hopes up that another Toy Story movie could be in the works. Allen addressed this in an interview with the singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson on Wednesday, explaining that his friendship with Hanks has transcended Toy Story for many years.

Allen And Hanks Are ‘Very Close Friends’

“Tom and I really became very close friends from Toy Story 1,” Allen said of his relationship with Hanks. “He’s a very different person than me and he eats off my plate.”

One of the differences between the two men could be that Hanks is a blatant liberal who counts the Obamas and other Democrats power players as close personal friends. In contrast, Allen is one of the few Hollywood stars who has been open about his conservative views.

Despite this, Allen said that he and Hanks are able to put their differences aside to share a close friendship, according to Entertainment Tonight

“He and I differ on so many things. I adore that man’s heart and mind. Now it’s the most peculiar lunches,”  Allen said. “We’ve been going to lunch since Toy Story 1, two times a year, and we’re like two older women ‘cause we will sit almost too close to each other at a booth. It’s just weird.”

“And even [Tom’s wife] Rita [Wilson] has asked Tom, ‘What do you guys talk about?’ I don’t think I’ve ever trusted a human being as much as Tom to even listen to me and vice versa,” he continued. “We have very different opinions on so many things, but he’s really a wonderful and engaging person. He’s the first guy to listen to me and doesn’t judge.”

Check out Allen’s full comments on this in the video below. 

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Hanks Calls Out Disney For Recasting Buzz Lightyear Role

Hanks and Allen starred together as Woody and Buzz Lightyear in four Toy Story films beginning in 1995.

Though Disney released the movie Lightyear earlier this year to give Buzz Lightyear his own movie, the part of Buzz was recast, with the leftwing star Chris Evans replacing Allen. While Hanks shares many of Evans’ political views, he spoke out against the recasting decision in an interview over the summer.

“I wanted to go head to head with Tim Allen,” Hanks told Cinema Blend when asked about his movie Elvis coming out at the same time as Lightyear. “They didn’t let Tim Allen do it. I don’t understand that.” 

In the end, Allen got the last laugh, as Lightyear was a flop with critics and audiences alike, according to The New York Post

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Hanks Talks Friendship With Allen

Hanks has also previously opened up about the friendship he shares with Allen.

“We actually have become very close simply because of the union of Woody and Buzz,” he once explained. “After we made the second one, we began to have regular lunches about every three months or so in which he and I sit down.”

“And alcohol is not involved,” Hanks added. “It’s just we sit down and we talk for about three and a half hours straight every time we get together and we do seek each other out in order to touch on all the aspects of our lives. Certainly professionally.”

In a time when we are more divided politically than ever, it’s nice to see two men like Hanks and Allen put their political differences aside to be friends. We can only hope that aside from the personal bond they share, they may be considering collaborating again on a fifth Toy Story movie at some point in the future! 

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