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The ABC talk show “The View” is being hit with backlash after it celebrated Halloween earlier this week by dressing up a child as the infamous Oscars slap that occurred earlier this year when Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock on live TV. 

Oscars Slap Costume On ‘The View’

Yahoo News reported that in a segment that “The View” called “Boo Are You Wearing in 2022?,” the talk show’s wardrobe supervisor Ashley Alderfer-Kaufman brought out small children dressed in some costumes depicting the most talked about moments of the year. One costume featured a child in a gold body suit that made the kid look like an Oscars statue. A red handprint had been painted on the child’s face to depict Smith slapping Rock. 

“This year, the Oscars made huge headlines,” Alderfer-Kaufman said. “It wasn’t about who won. It was about what happened with this actor, Will Smith, when he went up and slapped Chris Rock.”

“Now, we do not want to endorse violence of any kind,” she made sure to add. “But we couldn’t help but talk about one of the hottest hot topics this year.”

Check out the costume for yourself in the video below starting at the 4:04 mark. 

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Social Media Users Fire Back At ‘The View’

Unfortunately for Alderfer-Kaufman and the other women of “The View,” however, social media users quickly made it clear that the costume crossed the line. 

“The Oscar Slap costume felt a little cringeworthy. It was in poor taste and the boy looked like he was in literal pain,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I was completely disgusted. That is nothing to be celebrated or chuckled at. We show our kids & others it’s ok to laugh at anger & slapping someone.”

“Wow, I didn’t think any show could go lower than this, but The View managed to do it. Using kids for your political agenda is about as sick in the mind as you can get. The negativity of this segment is palpable,” a third user commented, with a fourth sarcastically writing, “Super funny making a kid dress up in a costume that represents physical assault, just screams fun.”

“How is it funny that the adult presenter, Alderfer-Kaufman, gets to dress up as a kid, in a ‘Max’ costume (from Stranger Things).. yet the CHILDREN get paraded all dressed up for Boomer’s adult political fantasy jokes?” a fifth social media user commented. “The ‘Oscar Slap kid’ is heart-breaking.”

Relive the original Oscars slap for yourself in the vide below. 

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‘The View’ Reacts To Oscars Slap

Smith stormed the stage at the Academy Awards ceremony back in March after Rock made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith being bald. This offended Smith because his wife suffers from alopecia, a condition that makes her lose her hair.

Afterwards, Whoopi Goldberg seemed to try to make excuses for Smith on “The View.” 

“I think he overreacted,” she said at the time, according to Variety. “I think he had one of those moments where it was like [goddamn it], just stop. I get it, not everybody acts the way we would like them to act under pressure. And he snapped.”

“We’re not going to take that Oscar from him,” Goldberg added. “There will be consequences I’m sure.”

While the Academy did not strip Smith of the Oscar that he won that night for his work in King Richard, it did suspend his membership for the next ten years. He can be nominated for Oscars during that time, but he will not be allowed to attend any Academy events, including the Academy Awards ceremonies.

Had a conservative worn an Oscars slap costume, Joy Behar and the other liberal women of “The View” would have lost their minds. This just goes to show once again how truly hypocritical and deranged the leftwing media really is. 

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