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Steve Austin May Wrestle One More Match, Huge Change To PPVs

There is talk Steve Austin may wrestle one more WWE match, with WrestleMania discussed. And, Triple H has drastically changed future PPVs.

There is talk Steve Austin may wrestle one more WWE match, with WrestleMania discussed. Also, Triple H has drastically changed future PPVs.

Steve Austin May Wrestle One More Match

WrestleMania 38 will be remembered for many moments. During night one of the event, Kevin Owens hosted a special segment if the KO show.

His guest one none other than WWE Hall of Famer, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The talking did not last long as an impromptu No Hold’s Barred Match was booked.

Austin had not wrestled in almost 20 years due to neck problems. The match went about 13 minutes, with the Texas crowd and millions at home loving every moment.

Austin won the match to send the fans home happy. He returned for night of WrestleMania 38, to stun his older friend/enemy, Vince McMahon.

Now, WWE is under the belief Austin has at least one more WrestleMania match in him. Remember, his performance earlier in the year impressed many considering the time away from action.

WrestleVotes told GiveMeSport that Austin enjoyed his time. They added that the match might bring him back once more.

“I know that he had a wonderful time doing it last year in Dallas,” the report stated. “He was happy, he was elated.”

“Let’s say that the performance of the match, everything, went so well and people loved it so much. So I know he was thrilled post-WrestleMania and I’d say he was open to doing it again.”

While they could not say for certain if Austin would be interested in another match, he would listen to ideas.

The “Texas Rattlesnake” continues to entertain fans, even 20 years past his retirement. He is truly one of a kind.

Huge Change To PPVs

Steve Austin Wrestle Match
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We learned within the past 10 days that WWE has dropped the Hell in a Cell premium live event (PLE). Apparently, that is just the beginning and WWE is undergoing a huge change.

Moving forward, WWE will be nixing themed PLEs. So, that would include Money in the Bank, Elimination Chamber, maybe Extreme Rules and more.

The final decision came to Triple H. He wants to save those major matches for when storylines need such a gimmick to settle the feud.

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, went into further detail.

“Regarding rumors of concept changes in PPVs next year, the only thing we were told was as a general rule there will be less themed PPVs,” said Meltzer. “The story going around as an example is that no show will be designated Hell in a Cell for example months ahead of time, but that the Hell in a Cell match would be used not on a specifically planned date but when a storyline feud reached the point that a Hell in a Cell match was needed.”

“But, even that in specific wasn’t confirmed, past that story could be accurate as Paul Levesque is trying to shape a new course and a new presentation and he wants to forge ahead not in copying Vince McMahon, but in his own direction.”

Triple H is certainly shaking things up with this latest changes. 

Honestly, it makes sense as WWE watered-down their gimmick matches by producing so many each year. Now epic feuds can be finished inside some of WWE’s most evil constructions.

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