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It’s been nearly forty years since the sitcom “Happy Days” went off the air, but it is still beloved by millions of fans, many of whom would love to see it come back. In a new interview, “Happy Days” star Ron Howard was asked if a reboot could be in the cards, and fans sadly are not going to like how he responded.

Howard Doubtful About ‘Happy Days’ Reboot

“I don’t think that one’s in the cards,” Howard, 68, told Fox News when asked about a “Happy Days” reboot. 

Fox went on to say that while the cast of “Happy Days” is still very close, most of them are all too busy with their own careers to come back to the show.

“We’re all kind of ambitiously still pursuing other dreams, so I think [a reboot is] probably a long shot,” he explained. 

This comes one month after Yahoo News asked Howard if he could think of anyone who could take over his role of Richie Cunningham in a “Happy Days” revival or reboot.

“No,” Howard replied with a laugh. “I wouldn’t wish that on anybody! It was a fun part. There are so many talented people out right now.”

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Marion Ross’s Son Wants ‘Happy Days’ Reunion

The son of Marion Ross, who played Howard’s mother on “Happy Days,” recently told Newsweek that he’d love to see the show be rebooted. An actor himself, Jim Meskimen was asked if he’d ever consider appearing on his mother’s legendary sitcom if it was rebooted, and he responded by saying that he’d “never heard anyone say anything like that,” but he would “absolutely love to be a part of it.”

“It was so of the time, though,” he added. “I think they would have to do kind of like what they did with ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ —they turned that into a drama (“Bel-Air”). I think that would be an effective way maybe to bring [it back].”

“I mean, it’s kind of laughable to think about it, though,” Meskimen continued. “But [bringing the show back] as a drama or a thriller would be probably pretty hilarious.”

“You know, there was a musical version that was done, that Garry Marshall created. And that still tours around, as far as I know,” he stated. “I saw an early iteration of it and it was delightful. But as is the case with a lot of reboots, so much of the magic of the original has to do with the performers. And that recipe is kind of hard to recreate sometimes. But you never know.”

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Update On Ross

Meskimen also gave an update on his mother, who turned 94 just a few weeks ago. 

“My mom is enjoying her retirement,” he said. “And she loves the hell out of me. I mean, she always tells me how much I mean to her. And she’s a treasure to us, and we see her every day and just treasure everything.”

Fans would certainly be overjoyed if they ever did decide to reboot “Happy Days.” We can only hope that Howard is wrong, and that they do decide to reboot the series in the future!