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It’s been three years since the legendary Cars frontman Ric Ocasek passed away of natural causes at the age of 75. In a new interview, Ocasek’s estranged wife Paulina Porizkova, a famous supermodel in her own right, is opening up about what it was like to find his body in September of 2019. 

Porizkova Finds Ocasek Dead

“He had surgery because they’d found stage 0 lung cancer,” Porizkova, 57, said while appearing on “Red Table Talk” on Wednesday. “And he was recovering really well. Two weeks [later], he was walking around, he was starting to feel much better, he was sleeping better. And this night, he said, you know what, I’m feeling kinda tired.”

The next day, Porizkova noticed that Ocasek was sleeping late, but she wasn’t worried about this because he “tended to sleep late” due to his “rockstar hours.” However, it finally got to be late enough that she realized she needed to check on him. 

“By 11, I was like, he’s sleeping in a little bit too long, so I’m going to make him a cup of coffee and I’m going to bring it up to him,” she said. 

Once she walked into Ocasek’s bedroom, it took Porizkova a minute to realize he was not asleep, and that he was in fact dead.

“I brought him a cup of coffee and he just looked like he was sleeping,” Porizkova recalled. “I set the coffee down next to him and that’s when I saw his face. I saw his eyes. And they didn’t look like eyes anymore.”

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Porizkova Collapses

After finding him dead, Porizkova found that her “legs went numb and collapsed under me.”

“I have no idea how long I sat on the ground. It could have been a minute. It could have been an hour,” she said, according to Page Six. “Unable to get up, I crawled down three flights of stairs on my belly and elbows. There were sounds issuing from me that I was only dimly aware of.”

People Magazine reported that Ocasek died at his home in New York City on September 15, 2019. Though he had been married to Porizkova for 28 years, they were in the process of divorcing at the time of his death. Despite this, the couple was still living together when he passed away.

Porizkova has said that she knew her marriage was doomed when Ocasek stopped having sex with her.

“I needed more from my partner than just to be told that I’m beautiful and being worshipped, ” she said. 

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Ocasek Cut Porizkova Out Of His Will

Porizkova was shocked after Ocasek’s death to find that he had cut her out of his will. 

“It was really, really hard because obviously, first of all, you’re grieving a person that has been your whole life, the most important person in your life … there was so much pain just stacked up on top of each other … and then this betrayal was a lot,” she confessed.

“I remember feeling kind of numb for a certain amount of time and then sliding into anger,” she continued. “And then, for me, it wasn’t like, ‘I love him, I hate him, I love him, I hate him.’ It was more like, ‘You know, I miss him, but look what he did, too.’”

“Like, how can I miss a man who did this to me? I mean, I still miss him like that,” Porizkovaconcluded. “You can’t erase parts of your entire life. It was complicated, and it will probably remain complicated for the rest of my life.”

Porizkova has since settled with Ocasek’s estate, and though she hasn’t revealed just how much money she got, she said that she’s “gonna be fine.”

The experience of finding her estranged husband dead is clearly something that Porizkova is still struggling with to this day. We can only hope that she is able to find some peace with this in the future. 

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