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Casey Anthony has reemerged to claim that it was her father George who murdered her two year-old daughter Caylee back in 2008. 

Anthony Speaks Out

Daily Mail reported that Anthony, 36, was infamously acquitted of Caylee’s murder in 2011 despite the fact that many Americans firmly believe that she did it. Anthony is now appearing in a three-part docuseries on Peacock in which she gives her first sit-down interview about her daughter’s death.

“I just need someone to be willing to listen,” Anthony said in the docuseries, which premieres on November 29. “I’ve spent the last 10 years making sure that I knew who I was. That I started to cope with this loss. And that I had something to say to make my daughter proud but also to honor her properly and this is part of that.”

“It’s hard because 1,000 questions go through my head,” she continued. “I’m responsible for answering everyone in the world’s questions about her about what happened. I still don’t know what happened to Caylee. I know what I’m afraid of. I know it eats at me at night, day after day,  because I know what I lived through.”

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Anthony Accuses Her Father Of Murder

Anthony went on to say that she thinks her father George murdered Caylee then put her body in the pool to make it look as if she drowned. 

“I wasn’t feeling that great, and I wanted to lay down. I had her lay in bed with me,” Anthony alleged. “I was awoken by [my father] shaking me and asking me where Caylee was. That didn’t make sense. She would never even leave my room without telling me.”

“He was standing there with her,” she added. “She was soaking wet. He handed her to me. ‘Said it was my fault. That I caused it. But he didn’t rush to call 911 and he wasn’t trying to resuscitate her. I collapsed with her in my arms. She was heavy, and she was cold. He takes her from me and he immediately softens his tone and says ‘It’s going to be ok.’ I wanted to believe him. He took her from me and he went away.”

Anthony alleges that this was the last time she saw her daughter, and she waited another 31 days to call police to notify them that she was missing. She claimed to officers that she’d left the child with a babysitter named Zenaida Gonzales Fernandez, who was also missing.

“During the 31 days, I genuinely believed that Caylee was still alive,” Anthony said in her latest interview. “My father kept telling me she was ok. I had to keep following his instructions. He told me what to do. I tried to act as normal as I could.”

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Anthony Accuses Her Father Of Sexual Abuse

Anthony also repeated unfounded claims that George had sexually abused her when she was a child.

“He’d put a pillow over my face and smother me to knock me out,” she alleged. “That happened several times. I’m sure there were times where I was incapacitated as a child where my body was limp and lifeless.”

Anthony claims to think that her father abused Caylee as well.

“That’s what I think about,” she said. “I wish every day I had said something to someone about something. Maybe then things would be different.”

George has previously denied abusing his daughter, and he’s said that he did not murder his granddaughter. Though Anthony was acquitted of her daughter’s murder, she was convicted by a jury of lying to police. She would later move in with Patrick McKenna, who was the lead investigator on her case, but it is not clear at this time where she is currently living. 

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