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We previously reported that the legendary comedian Jay Leno had been released from the Grossman Burn Center on Monday, nine days after he suffered serious burns in a gasoline fire. Now, the 72 year-old former “Tonight Show” host has broken his silence for the first time since his discharge.

‘Everything’s OK’

Fox News reported that Leno was spotted driving a silver 2002 Mercedes-Benz the day after he left the burn center.

“Everything’s OK,” Leno said with a laugh, adding that he is eager to get back to work and will be “performing Sunday at the Comedy Magic Club.” 

“Yeah, I need barbecue,” Leno continued when he was told to get some rest. 

Though the burns on Leno’s face and hands were evident as he drove his car, he appeared to be relaxed and in good spirits. 

Check out Leno’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Dr. Grossman ‘Pleased With Jay’s Progress’

After Leno’s release from the burn center, Dr. Peter Grossman said that he was “optimistic that he will make a full recovery” and that he was “pleased with Jay’s progress.”

“Jay would like to let everyone know how thankful he is for the care he received, and is very appreciative of all of the well wishes,” the Grossman Burn Center said in a brief statement. “He is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family and friends and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday.”

During the nine days Leno spent at the burn center, he underwent multiple surgeries, with one of them being a “surgical excision and grafting procedure.” 

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Leno’s Fire

Leno was working on a steam engine under a 1907 White Steam Car in his garage in Burbank, California when the fire broke out on the afternoon of Saturday, November 12. The Burbank Fire Department rushed to the scene at 12:30pm and pulled Leno from under the vehicle with major burns to his face and left hand. 

“I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire,” Leno said in a statement after the fire. “I am OK. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.”

Leno has been passionate about cars for decades, and he even worked as a mechanic in his younger days to pay his bills while he tried to make it as a standup comic. He owns 180 vehicles in his garage including exotic cars, hypercars and museum-grade artifacts, according to US News & World Report, and his collection is estimated to be worth between $50 million and $100 million. 

Dermatologist Weighs In

Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer told reporters that when it comes to injuries like the ones Leno has, it is “essential to do immediate treatment to protect the skin barrier and help it repair itself.” 

“In this case, when you have a true burn on the skin with pigmentation issues and textural damage, you need skincare plus aggressive laser treatments and at home LED light therapy,” Emer added, going on to say that the combination of “deep microneedling radio frequency to stimulate new collagen production” along with “skin barrier repair and pigmentation blending” could help Leno and other burn victims with similar injuries. 

Leno will still need to be treated for third degree burns in the coming weeks, and there could even be more surgeries in store for him in the future. Please join us in saying a prayer for him as he continues on his long road to recovery. 

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