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Jake Paul Fires Back On Fight-Rigging, Talks Nate Diaz

As far as Jake Paul is concerned, all he wants to do is move on and get ready for his next opponent in the boxing ring.

Jake Paul has had enough.

Paul, who bested Anderson Silva this past weekend, is concerned for his generation of fight-fixing allegations.

While Paul took no issue getting his hand raised, many were puzzled by the unanimous decision verdict at the end. The unbeaten boxer dropped Silva, a former UFC champion, in the eighth and final round.

“I think smart people with intelligence are giving me props and respect,” Paul said during an appearance on The MMA Hour (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “Like the WBC President (Mauricio Sulaimán) saying that anyone who says Jake is not a real boxer is just bitter and is a hater.

“People like Teddy Atlas showing me mad respect, a lot of fighters showing me mad respect, a lot of MMA guys texting me saying, ‘You look really sharp, that was the best you’ve fought,’ Ryan Garcia showing me respect.

“So the smart people who I care about are showing that love. There are the people who will always be there in my career who are discrediting it.

“Now, they’re saying it was rigged. It went from, ‘Jake’s going to get knocked out by Anderson,’ to, ‘Oh, that was rigged.’

“I lose faith in my generation and my peers, and us as a society and a world when I see that type of stuff and that type of stupidity. It just sucks. It sucks because I worked so hard for this.

“I dedicate everything, sacrifice everything, every single day, bust my balls, have a 15-person team working around the clock to help me become the best boxer possible, and when I do something like beating Anderson Silva, they try to take it away from me.”

Paul has also scored wins over Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, besting Woodley twice in fact. Woodley is a former UFC champion and Askren held both the Bellator and ONE titles before competing in the UFC.

As for what is next for Paul, he continues to push for Nate Diaz. After topping Silva, he made it known Diaz was on his hit list, along with boxing icon Canelo Alvarez.

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