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Cameron Grimes WWE Future, NXTer To Get Major Call-Up Debut

Cameron Grimes is a huge NXT star, and according to a report, his WWE future looks bright. Plus, an NXTer is in line for a major call-up.

Cameron Grimes has been at NXT since his 2019 debut. A new report reveals what upper management has planned for him moving forward, and his WWE future.

Cameron Grimes – WWE Future

As per a report from Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, there have been talks about moving Cameron Grimes to the main roster. No timeline was provided, and there were no specifics in the report about which brand he’d land on.

Recently, Grimes was part of an NXT storyline with the Schism stable. Joe Gacy has been desperately trying to “recruit” him.

However, Grimes hasn’t been interested. As such, Cameron has been on a mission to try and eliminate the faction.

The program saw Grimes make a quickie appearance on RAW recently, as he tried to convince the Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) to tag up with him against the stable. They obliged and appeared in a six-man tag bout on the October 18th edition of NXT.

The match didn’t settle anything between Schism and Cameron. Gacy and Grimes are set to face off in a singles bout, this week.

More On Cameron Grimes & His WWE Future

Interestingly enough, Grimes wasn’t the only NXTer talked about in Meltzer’s recent report when it came to main roster debuts. This week’s Main Event featured Wendy Chu beating Tamina, and Xyon Quinn defeating Tozawa.

Dave believes the wins hint that these two might be considered for main roster call-ups, too. Only time will tell.

With that said, Grimes, Chu, and Quinn aren’t the only ones that upper management is thinking about when it comes to main roster debuts. Sounds like they also have another NXTer in mind.

Remember when Kevin Owens debuted on Monday Night RAW in 2015? He was NXT Champion at the time and answered John Cena’s United States title open challenge.

It was a massive debut. The entire segment got a huge reaction from the live crowd and social media went wild.

There’s nothing Triple H loves more than recreating history. It seems he has a major idea for an NXT star, to make a splashing debut.

NXTer To Get Major Call-Up Debut

Grayson Waller is a huge NXT heel. He effortlessly generates heat, and the fans just love to hate him.

Cameron Grimes WWE Future
Source: @_PWChronicle, Twitter, Screenshot

WrestleVotes was recently talking to GiveMeSport. They revealed some plans HHH has for Waller’s main roster debut.

According to WrestleVotes, the WWE is high on Grayson. They see something special in him.

A “Kevin Owen’s-ish” Debut To Come?

They go on to say that he could stay in NXT a bit longer, as they want to figure out something major for his main roster debut. Kevin Owens coming in, in 2015, and beating John Cena was brought up as an example of a “huge” call-up that could be mimicked.

WrestleVotes also notes that WWE “likes” Waller “a lot”. Plus, he’s “one guy” that they want to do “something serious” with.

Waller signed with the WWE in 2021. In June of that year, he debuted on 205 LIVE.

He’d eventually make his way to NXT by the time September hit. He’s been with the brand, since.

Waller’s incredible in the ring, and solid on the mic. He clearly has a big future with the WWE.

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