WWE Revisiting Bray Wyatt’s Past, All Out Brawl Getting Crazier

In something that should make fans happy, reports indicate that WWE will be revisiting Bray Wyatt’s past, and soon. And by all accounts, it seems the stories out of AEW’s All Out brawl are getting crazier.

WWE Revisiting Bray Wyatt’s Past

According to Fightful, we can expect to see WWE revisiting Bray Wyatt’s past.

That is both good booking, and smart booking.

Ahead of last night’s back to back SmackDown taping, Sean Ross Sapp reported that we will see elements from Bray Wyatt’s past popping back up.

We’ve seen some in the vignettes ahead of his reveal, as well as during the reveal itself.

Now, that continues.

According to the report, we will be seeing elements including his famed rocking chair and, of course, the mask of his alter-ego, The Fiend.

Given that we are so early into his re-introduction, it does make you wonder what else we can expect.

source:@MisfitWrestleTV, twitter, screenshot

Fans have already been hoping we do indeed see a re-formed Wyatt Family, or more specifically, a new Wyatt 6.

And, with that rumored stable, many hope to see one former member-Erick Redbeard-return to WWE.

It is entirely possible we also get a return of the fiendish Alexa Bliss…but nothing has happened yet.

Still…with so much yet to come, it should please many that WWE will be revisiting, instead of revising, Bray Wyatt’s past.

A side note from the report points to the whispers about a Wyatt-Roman Reigns feud sooner than later.

If you were hoping for it, that does not seem to be in the cards in the short term.

Surely it may happen eventually, but it seems WWE considers that something to build toward over a longer period of time.

Which, to me, screams future WrestleMania…but likely not next year.

All Out Brawl Getting Crazier

Now, it seems hard to do, but the stories from AEW’s All Out brawl are getting crazier.

Earlier in the week, a story emerged that CM Punk’s dog-Larry-was hurt in the incident.

The dog supposedly had two teeth knocked loose when Punk’s locker room door was kicked in.

Now, via the Wrestling Observer, we’ve heard that the Punk story is…well…completely false.

Some reports are indeed getting quite crazy.

For one, there’s word that the now-fired Ace Steel’s wife was there…but never interviewed.

Someone else countered that by stating that she may have been there, but she sat in a corner doing nothing as the crazy brawl ensued.

What’s worse, a seemingly neutral person noted that Punk had no concern over Larry, and that instead of protecting the dog during the brawl, Punk kept fighting.

source:@wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Who did save Larry? That would be Kenny Omega.

At least one AEW source openly questioned if Punk’s crazy story about Larry’s loose teeth came out because there is a growing buzz that The Elite are heading back to AEW television soon.

Or, that the release of the story was a desperation move because Punk is, thus far, looking like the bad guy as the investigation winds down.


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