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A Texas man has outrageously managed to avoid serving jail time after he allegedly caused the death of his unborn baby by brutally beating his girlfriend when she was eight months pregnant. 

Alleged Assault Leads To Death Of Unborn Baby

Johnny Charles Ebbs V was arrested back in August of 2019 after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend LaShonda Lemons, who was eight months pregnant at the time. He repeatedly punched her stomach during the attack while shouting “F*** you and this baby! You aren’t going anywhere!”

The assault was so bad that Lemons had to be hospitalized, and it wasn’t until three days later that she was told she had lost her baby, which then had to be removed from her womb. Doctors later said that her baby died of a “placenta abruption,” which can be caused by blunt-force trauma and occurs when the placenta detaches from the walls of the uterus. 

KTXS reported that Lemons told police after the assault that the fight stemmed from Ebbs accusing her of cheating on him. When she tried to leave, she alleged that he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground before punching her in the stomach repeatedly to the point where she feared for her life and that of her unborn child. 

When Lemons managed to get to the second floor window with the hopes of escaping, Ebbs allegedly told her, “If you put one leg out of that window, I’ll push you out!” She eventually managed to get to a staircase and get away. 

Lemons told police that before the assault, she hadn’t had any issues with her pregnancy, indicating that her baby would have been born perfectly healthy just a few weeks later had this attack not happened. Find out more about her assault in the video below.

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Ebbs’ Plea Deal

During Ebbs’ sentencing hearing earlier this week, Lemons gave an emotional victim impact statement in court, saying, “You were the first person to hold me at gunpoint. The first person to strangle me.”

KXAN reported that Ebbs took a plea deal that will give him “eight years of deferred adjudication on a third-degree continuous family violence assault charge.” Deferred adjudication is described by the Texas attorney’s website as being when a person pleads guilty or no contest to a charge, and there is no finding of guilt when sentencing occurs.

Ebbs will need to wear a GPS monitor for the next six months as part of his plea deal, and his offense will eventually be dismissed if he does not violate his probation over the course of the next eight years, meaning it would be off his record. Find out more about his plea deal in the video below.

Kelsey McKay, the lawyer representing Lemons, claimed that Ebbs has yet to forfeit his firearms as his bond and protective order dictates that he must. 

“We have firearm surrender laws,” the attorney said. “We have domestic violence laws. But if there’s not enforcement and implementation of those laws, they’re relatively useless.” 

Ebbs claimed in court under oath on Monday that he has no firearms and will not reside in a home with guns. It is unknown if he was actually being truthful about this, however. 

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District Attorney Stands By Sentence

The district attorney’s office stood by Ebbs’ sentence, telling reporters, “Additional evidence gathered through the course of the investigation made clear that the facts do not support the initial allegation.”

Domestic abuse advocate Coni Huntsman Stogner, however, does not think Lemons and her unborn baby got justice. ‘

“We are very concerned that the sentencing does not result in safety for the survivor and the community,” she said. 

Ebbs’ sentence serves as a grim reminder of just how little the life of the unborn is valued in America today. It’s truly sad that someone can effectively take the life of an unborn baby and then not serve any time whatsoever in jail for it, as many would argue that Ebbs should be locked up for murder right now. 

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