roh talent not signed
source: @topesuicidapod, twitter, screenshot

In somewhat of a surprise, some ROH talent have been working while not signed to contracts. And, though he has been fired by AEW, Ace Steel is not going away quietly.

Some ROH Talent Not Signed

In a notable development, some ROH talent have been working for Tony Khan while not signed to contracts.

It is a bit of a risky proposition…but it seems to be happening quite a bit of late.

And, by “of late”, I am just thinking of this year.

A couple specific examples from the land of Tony Khan, be it AEW or ROH?

Earlier in 2022, Cody Rhodes worked briefly in AEW without a contract. More recently, Jon Moxley is said to have done the same.

Now, according to Fightful, a number of ROH stars have not been signed, but have been working.

The last big ROH show was Death Before Dishonor. On that show, a number of ROH talents worked while not signed to full time contracts.

Among those mentioned were Cheeseburger and Dalton Castle.

roh talent not signed

source: @topesuicidapod, twitter, screenshot

Castle working while not signed is a big surprise, considering he has recently worked a high profile match with Chris Jericho.

Others in ROH have worked while not signed, but ultimately landed some manner of contract.

Now, it is entirely possible that they have great relationships with Khan and AEW/ROH leadeship…but it could also backfire on any involved.

Ace Steel Not Going Quietly

In other news, while he and AEW no longer do business…Ace Steel is not going away quietly.

A quick recap, in case you just started following AEW today.

Ace Steel is buddies with CM Punk. Both he and Punk were among those involved in a chaotic post-All Out brawl just a couple months back.

In the aftermath of that All Out brawl, AEW suspended most all involved. That included CM Punk, Steel, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

The future of Punk remains unsettled. The Bucks and Omega are rumored to be returning to AEW soon.

Ace Steel is, thus far, the only one who knows his fate-he and AEW split up recently.

While he might have been let go, or his contract expired (even before the brawl, he was rumored to be done with AEW), he is not going away quietly.

Since the divorce, Steel has taken the time to speak out. Some thing this is just projection, but others might consider his stories to be possibly factual.

It is possible that Steel was, in fact, defending his friend.

roh talent not signed

source: @acesofsteel, instagram, screenshot

Two stories recently emerged that could paint things differently. One indicates that Punk’s dog might have been injured when a door was kicked open (though this is disputed).

Another, which is not in dispute, is that Chris Jericho called Punk a locker room cancer.

A recent post by Steel calls out the “manipulators” within AEW, which only seems to support the narrative that certain stars are having their way with things.