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A Playboy model from Las Vegas, Nevada is being slammed after she took to social media to post photos and video of her twerking in a cemetery.

Playboy Model Twerks In Cemetery


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“Happy October, tis spooky szn and i celebrate Halloween all month long,” Amanda Nicole Martin, 27, wrote in the caption as she posted the images and video to her Instagram page, which has over 8.8 million followers. 

In the post, Martin can be seen dressed up as Lady Death, a Marvel character that is known for wearing a revealing black thong bikini and cape, according to The New York Post. Martin completed her look with latex stockings, and she painted her body to give it Lady Death’s signature gray-white skin.

“Rate my Lady Death look 1-100,” she wrote. 

The video in the post shows Martin walking through the cemetery as she wields Lady Death’s sword. She later can be seen twerking before she gives a headstone a lap dance while behaving as if she is in a strip club.


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A post shared by Amanda Nicole (@the_amanda_nicole)

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Martin Hit With Backlash

Unfortunately for Martin, however, this has quickly blown up in her face, with social media users slamming her for being “disrespectful” to the dead. 

“We just gonna ignore the fact she’s at a cemetery,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “This has to be disrespectful at a graveyard.”

“Are you actually in a graveyard. People now days,” commented a third user.

Others, however, were big fans of what Martin did.

“100+ my love, you hit that look out of the park,” one person commented, with another adding, “It took me a second to realize it was you. After I did I was shocked again once I realized it was body paint and not actual clothes. I give this 100 for the amazing effort and beauty on display.”


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A post shared by Amanda Nicole (@the_amanda_nicole)

Martin’s Background

Martin is a Playboy model who is known online for cosplaying as female characters like Mystique from the X-Men movies and Black Widow from the Marvel universe. She previously made headlines when she admitted to spending $30,000 on cosmetic surgeries just so she could get more matches on the dating app Tinder. 

“My marriage ended, so I bought some boobies and I hired a personal trainer,” she told Daily Mail last year of her transformation. “The way I feel about myself comes from within. I have always thought my inner beauty and personality was awesome. I just like making the outside match how I feel about myself inside already.”

“With my newfound confidence, I started to get more into social media and wanted my Tinder to be poppin’,” she added. “I became an Instagram thot before it was a normal common thing. I was just a chick trying to get laid.”


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A post shared by Amanda Nicole (@the_amanda_nicole)

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Martin went on to claim that she makes over $1.5 million a year on OnlyFans. 

“I feel so proud. I literally made a brand and a business just off being myself and entertaining people on social media,” she said. “Beauty radiates from within. There are millions of girls out there with good looks and amazing surgeries but what makes you stand out is your inner beauty and personality so don’t forget to show those off too.”

It certainly is an interesting world that we live in nowadays! While Martin has the right to make whatever content she wants, perhaps she’ll think twice before she twerks in a cemetery again, given the backlash she received for her latest stunt. 

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