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Holly Madison, the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner who starred on his reality show “The Girls Next Door” in the 2000s, spoke out in a new interview to claim that the late Playboy founder had a “Ghislaine Maxwell-type” recruiter to lure girls to come to the Playboy mansion.

‘Ghislaine Maxwell-Type Person’

While Madison was appearing on the Juicy Scoop podcast with her former “Girls Next Door” costar Bridget Marquardt, the conversation turned to drugs at the Playboy mansion, specifically Quaaludes. 

“You know what? And at some point the Quaaludes just stopped and I don’t even know when that was or why that was or anything,” Marquardt said, with Madison adding, “I feel like it was around like 2003, 2004. I feel like it’s cause we didn’t have a girl in the group who was like a recruiter anymore.”

Heather McDonald, the host of the podcast, asked if they were referring to someone who was tasked with recruiting new girls to come to the mansion. 

“Yeah. Like a Ghislaine Maxwell-type person,” Madison replied. 

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Maxwell’s History

Maxwell is the convicted sex trafficking facilitator for the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She was recently sentenced to twenty years in prison for her role in his sex crimes. She was convicted of recruiting young girls to be sexually abused by Epstein and sometimes taking part in the abuse herself. 

Epstein allegedly committed suicide behind bars in 2019 while awaiting trial on various sex crime charges. Maxwell is serving out her sentence at a prison in Florida, where she is not set to be released until 2037. 

“Today’s sentence holds Ghislaine Maxwell accountable for perpetrating heinous crimes against children,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement after her sentencing, according to NPR. “This sentence sends a strong message that no one is above the law and it is never too late for justice.”

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Madison Doubles Down

“When someone recruits somebody like how do you sell me on it?” McDonald asked, clearly wanting more details. “Like, let’s say I’m the cute girl at the party. And Hef’s like, ‘Hmm she’s attractive,’ and he says it to the recruiter. How does the recruiter like then come to me?”

“She was a really fun person with like a fun personality, so she could easily just go up to anybody and be like, ‘Oh, Hey, wanna drink? Wanna hang out, blah, blah, blah,'” Madison responded. “And then just escalates from there. After somebody’s been drinking.”

“You offer somebody to come behind the velvet ropes and drink for free with your bottles, unlimited bottle service, and dancing with Hef,” Marquardt added, referring to the alleged recruiter working at clubs and parties. 

“Like it’s really, it’s exciting and it’s fun and you’re behind the velvet ropes and everybody’s looking in, and you’re like one of those people that are there, like VIP and stuff,” she continued. 

Hefner died in 2017 at the age of 91, and in the wake of his passing, various women have come forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Though she was once his girlfriend, Madison has since publicly turned on Hefner, and regularly speaks out against him. He would undoubtedly not be happy to see that she is now accusing him of using a Maxwell-like person to recruit young women for him. 

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