More AEW Problems
Source: @AEWEnhance, Twitter, Screenshot

AEW went to Canada and now they have more problems. Also, Matt Hardy is not happy how WWE would put Jeff Hardy in certain angles.

More AEW Problems

AEW’s debut in Canada was a big night for the promotion. For the most part, they delivered an entertaining week of TV.

Although, one match is getting fans talking. And, after watching the footage, it is clear why people are focusing on a particular match.

Like always, AEW taped an episode of Dark: Elevation while in Canada. It appeared like Athena and Jody Threat’s match went south very quickly. 

After the match aired, fans took to social media. Many were under the belief that Athena was working stiff.

Well, those running AEW also saw the match and had similar questions. According to Fightful, AEW spoke to both women after the match.

Basically, they were concerned a confrontation might occur. Remember, the last time things got out of control at AEW, members of The Elite and CM Punk got suspended. 

In fact, Ace Steel was terminated after he allegedly bit Kenny Omega. Omega, The Young Bucks and Punk are still suspended.

It is possible, of those four names, someone gets terminated.

But, for now, back to Athena and Threat. AEW management believed Athena was “too aggressive.” Now, we learning about Athena’s side of the story.

Since Threat was from Canada, she got a huge pop. Therefore, Athena assumed she would be booed and decided to switch roles.

In the midst of a match, Athena turned heel (even if only for one match).

Then, Threat “slipped on where her comeback was to be” and became a “little lost.” At this point, Athena’s aggression increased. 

The report continued how Threat could hold her own and the communication “should have been clearer.” It does seem like Threat was unaware about was to follow.

After the match, Threat did not complain. She kept her head down and avoided any confrontation.

 Matt Hardy Criticizes WWE

More AEW Problems

Source: @kimberlasskick, Twitter, Screenshot

At the moment, Jeff Hardy is suspended by AEW. The decision came after Hardy was arrested for the third time on DUI charges.

His case is still being worked out, but there is hope to resolve the issue and avoid trial. 

When the legal matters are resolved, then a return to AEW can be discussed. If Jeff does return, working with his brother, Matt Hardy, seems like the obvious route.

On Busted Open Radio, Matt Hardy adredssed how WWE treated Jeff. Remember, WWE ran several angles that brought in Jeff’s real struggles with drugs and alcohol.

“Those were both bad calls in the big scheme of things,” said Hardy. “Even when my brother was back, and he’d had his struggles over the years with addiction and alcohol.” 

“When they put him an addict/alcoholism angle, I feel like those are in bad taste. I think you won’t be seeing that as much now that Triple H is in charge.”

With Triple H running the show, WWE has dramatically changed. With the change, there is chance The Hardy Boys return to WWE for a final run.