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It’s been nearly ten months since the comedian Bob Saget died suddenly at the age of 65 after suffering a mysterious head injury while he was alone in a Florida hotel room, but those close to him are still struggling to make sense of his death.

Candace Cameron Bure, who starred with Saget on the iconic sitcom “Full House,” showed that she’s not over his death when she broke down in tears while talking about him on Instagram this past weekend.

But first, watch Cameron Bure pay tribute to Saget earlier this year in the video below.

‘I Just Miss Him’

Cameron Bure, 46, took to her Instagram Story on Sunday to remember Saget, and she immediately became emotional as she opened up about his death to her followers. 

“I don’t know why, but these last two days I haven’t stopped thinking about Bob,” she said as she sat on the floor by her couch. “He just keeps coming to my mind and I don’t know maybe it’s because I’m like in holiday mode and thinking about just family and friends and missing people because I’ve been away.”

“But I just haven’t gotten him off my mind for these past two days and it just … it’s just made me sad,” she added. “I know people say like it comes in waves … I’ve just had a big wave of Bob. I just … I miss him.”

Earlier this year, Cameron Bure took to Instagram to honor Saget on what would have been his 66th birthday. 

“I miss you,” she wrote on Instagram. “Do I still say happy birthday? I don’t know how this works, but I’m celebrating you today however badly my heart hurts.”


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Cameron Bure Opens Up About Who Saget Was As A Person

Back in February, weeks after Saget’s passing, Cameron Bure talked about why she loved him so much in a touching interview with the “Today” show. 

“He would drop anything for anyone and he just had a heart of gold,” she said of Saget. “And on top of it, he made you laugh. It was the best combination of all different traits that you could imagine together, and that was Bob.”

Cameron Bure went on to talk about how empathetic Saget was as a person. 

“He was so emotionally available all the time. And he was really the first person in my life as a man that I saw cry and have those emotions right at the forefront of his conversations,” she said. “I felt so safe with him.”

“If you were hurting, he would hurt with you. You would see the tears well up in his eyes,” Cameron Bure continued. “Bob is a remarkable person and I’ve never had a friendship like the one I’ve had with him. And that’s why it makes it so hard.”

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Cameron Bure On How God Has Helped Her Through Saget’s Death

Cameron Bure has also talked about how God has helped her through her grief in the wake of Saget’s passing.

“I don’t question my faith,” she told US Weekly in February. “I believe with all of my heart that God knows everything that’s happening and there’s nothing that catches him by surprise. He doesn’t make mistakes.”

Cameron Bure made sure to add that just because she knows God doesn’t make mistakes, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have questions things like Saget dying. 

“Of course, I’m gonna have a lot of questions when I get to talk to God face-to-face one day,” she said. “It always makes me cling closer to God. … I mean, I love God in the good times, but I’m so grateful that he’s there in the difficult times.”

“Because the Bible says, God loves and brings comfort to those who are brokenhearted,” Cameron Bure concluded. “He’s close to those who are brokenhearted. And I definitely feel his presence in those times and that’s comforting.”

Saget was an incredible talent who brought joy to millions of people throughout his career. While we’re sad to see that Cameron Bure is still struggling with his death, we hope that she can draw comfort in knowing that he is with God now. 

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