Beneil Dariush Seeking Dana White After UFC Title Decision

As far as Beneil Dariush is concerned, his victory at UFC 280 did nothing because of the decisions by UFC executives.

Beneil Dariush felt he was worthy of challenging for the UFC title next.

In fact, Dariush was – as far as he was concerned – the substitute had something happened at UFC 280. However, Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira both made weight, with Mackhachev winning the belt.

Afterwards, at the words of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the UFC announced plans for Makhachev to defend vs. Alexander Volkanovski in 2023.

That left Dariush upset, as he told Submission Radio.

“Remember what I told you about, I still don’t think people are gonna take me seriously after this. See, we’re still back exactly where we were before. Nothing’s changed.”

“I mean, does it sound like I’m getting the title shot? I don’t think so. So, maybe I’m getting some extra credit here and there from people, but I think still no title shot. And just, if anything, people are probably like, maybe Gamrot wasn’t as good as we thought? But obviously he’s a stud and that’s just the way it goes for me.”

“I did want to speak with Dana and Hunter, so I’m hoping I can maybe set up a meeting with them next week or something and get it figured out like that. Cause I really do want know where I stand.”

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