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In honor of Labor Day, we thought we’d celebrate the rich and famous who once had to toil with the occasional odd job, just like us.

Harrison Ford – Carpenter 

Ford speaks positively of his carpentry career.

And even had a few famous clients.

Rod Stewart – Worked At A Grave Yard

Rod Stewart is the victim of a lot of unsavory urban myths*. But one of the banal ones is that he worked as a gravedigger before making it big.

Well, that is only partially true. Stewart did work in the graveyard, but according to reports, he did not actually dig the graves. He marked out plots.

Stewart also worked as a fence installer and sign writer.

Pope Francis – Bouncer 

The Pope wasn’t always the lovable and open man he was today. Growing up on the mean streets of Argentina, the man born Jorge Marigo Borgolio worked as a club bouncer.

Christopher Walken – Lion Tamer

Christopher Walken working as a lion tamer sounds like an SNL skit, but the truth is weirder than fiction. Walken ran away with the circus and of course, began taming lions.

Matthew McConaughey – Chicken Coop Cleaner

A very important question – did McConaughey do this with his shirt off?

When the film star was in Australia as an exchange student, he cleaned chicken coops.

Johnny Depp – Telemarketer

I’d probably buy a fake extended warranty from Johnny Depp. That amazing voice could sell ice to a polar bear. But it seems to pale in comparison to his newest job, MTV astronaut.

What was your favorite crazy job you had growing up?

Mine was when I worked at a movie theatre in high school, which doesn’t sound too crazy. The crazy was part was cleaning up after people. Not only would they spill their entire bucket of popcorn, but they’d dump everything from melted candy and used diapers in the seat for someone else to pick up. It was awful.

*seriously, don’t google it.

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