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Does Chris Rock want to go back to the Oscars? The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences wanted to make that happen as they reportedly asked the comedic icon to host in 20223. Rock had a pretty funny response to the Academy.

Will Chris Rock Host The Oscars In 2023?

Would you blame him? Why would you want to return to the place and to a ceremony that left you out to dry like that? It is true that Rock had the chance to press charges and declined to do so, but I think he just wants to move on, make a few jokes about it, and be done with it.

Abolish The Oscars

I don’t even think the Oscars are relevant anymore. I can’t think of the last time I wanted to see a movie because it was nominated for an Oscar. 

We have to move away from this glut of awards and self-congratulation. Top Gun: Maverick will go down as the most beloved and successful movie from 2022 but it will not be nominated in any major Oscars categories. Why? Because it isn’t a “FILM.” Never mind that the work, effort, and direction that went to that movie rivals any other epic in the last 30 years. The Academy hates nothing more than a movie that regular people love. 

Who Should Host The Oscars?

If the Oscars want any bit of relevancy, they need to find a host that will get people engaged in excited. There are a few comedians who could push the boundaries and make the evening funny instead of the same boring self-congratulatory love fest it always is. Here are a few people who would make great hosts.

Kevin Hart
Hart was supposed to host a few years before he was “canceled” because of some old jokes. But there isn’t a more prominent celebrity or comedian right now than Hart. He’s funny and charismatic, and he has a broad appeal to a lot of different folks.

Louis CK

This will never happen because of Louis’ past indiscretions, but it is hard to think of a funnier comic and someone who could better pinpoint the absurdity of fame. 

The Rock

Probably the safest pick you can imagine. Not a single person would object to him. Anodyne to the point of almost being boring.

Who would you want to host the Oscars? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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