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Malakai Black On His Future, Kenny Omega – AEW Contract

After his sudden AEW departure, Malakai Black breaks his silence on his wrestling future. And, Kenny Omega may have his contract extended.

After his sudden AEW departure, Malakai Black breaks his silence on his wrestling future. Also, Kenny Omega may have his contract extended.

Malakai Black On His Future

During the hight of the pandemic, WWE will be remembered for releasing so many people. And, at the same time, they were still making a profit. 

They released Aleister Black right after his return to TV. The timing made no sense and only months earlier he was set for a major push.

Like many former WWE superstars, he joined AEW. Now, he was going by the name Malakai Black.

He quickly feuded with Cody Rhodes before switching to building a stable. Malakai was the leader of House of Black, alongside Brody King Buddy Matthews.

For the most part, they were successful. Then, Black requested and was granted a release. 

AEW might have put restrictions on the release, like he cannot appear on TV for another company for so many months. Although, that is pure speculation.

He did wrestle at Prestige Wrestling’s: Perseverance in California. After the match, he left fans wondering about the future.

“Please allow me a few weeks or months to recalibrate myself.” Said Black. “This is not goodbye, and we will see each other very soon.”

So, now we wait to see what is next. He must be healthy considering he did compete.

Kenny Omega – AEW Contract

Malakai Black Future
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There is no denying that Kenny Omega is one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. When he was ready to leave Japan, he had a big decision to make.

He could try his luck in WWE or invest in AEW. In the end, he went with AEW and was one of the original names to sign a contract.

It took time for Omega to find his spot on a roster full of fresh names and some veterans. Eventually, he turned heel and became AEW World Champion.

He had a lengthy title run, which culminated in “Hangman” Adam Page dethroning him. Then, Omega took needed time off to heal injuries that he sustained over the years.

He returned to TV as part of the tournament to crown inaugural Trios Champions.

In Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed Omega’s situation. He believes AEW will add close to a year to his contact for time away.

“Kenny’s contract is up in February but they will likely add the 9-10 months for his being out,” said Meltzer. “So, likely end of 2023. We don’t know they will.” 

“Young Bucks deal is up around January 1, 2024, give or take a week. But not earlier. I don’t know the actual date of signing but they couldn’t have signed until January 1.”

Of course, Omega and The Young Bucks are still suspended following All Out. At the post media scrum, CM Punk buried AEWs EVPs which resulted in a melee backstage.

They have all been suspend while a third party investigates what happened. From what it sounds like, talent is not blaming Omega or The Young Bucks.

Punk is seemingly getting all the heat. Also, you can toss Ace Steel’s name into the mix.

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