Jane Fonda cancer
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Hollywood actress Jane Fonda has revealed that she’s been diagnosed with cancer, adding that despite this, she feels “stronger than she has in years.”

Fonda Announces Cancer Diagnosis 

“I’ve been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and have started chemo treatments,” Fonda revealed in an Instagram post. “This is a very treatable cancer. 80% of people survive, so I feel very lucky.”

Daily Mail reported that Fonda, 84, has since said that she’s been “deeply moved and uplifted by the expressions of love from fans” since she revealed her diagnosis a few days ago. 

“My heartfelt thanks to all. The messages of love and support mean the world to me,” she said. “I want to say again that this is a very treatable cancer and much progress has been made with the medicines patients are given.”

“Since last week, so many people have written to me or posted that they have had this type of cancer and have been cancer-free for many decades,” she continued. “Well, I’ll soon be 85 so I won’t have to worry about ‘many decades.’ One will do just fine.”

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‘I Feel Stronger Than I Have In Years’

Fonda will have about six months of chemotherapy and has begun her treatment.

“Today, about 3 weeks from my first chemo session, I must tell you that I feel stronger than I have in years,” she said. “The doctor told me the best antidote to the tiredness that chemotherapy can cause is to move. Walk. And I have been walking. Very early before the record heat kicks in. Also working out.”

Fonda, who has been a radically liberal activist for decades, assured her fans that her cancer diagnosis would not stop her from “confronting the urgent climate crisis, caused by fossil fuels,” adding that she will continue to campaign for the cause throughout her cancer battle. 

“This diagnosis has only made me more determined than ever to continue to end the deadly effects of fossil fuels,” she said. “While most of us know that fossil fuels are the primary cause of the climate crisis, many may not know that fossil fuel emissions also cause cancer as well as other major health problems like birth defects, childhood leukemia, heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and preterm birth.”

“It does not have to be this way,” Fonda stated. “We have it within our power to change this and I intend to do everything in my power to do so. This cancer will not deter me.” 

Find out more about this in the video below. 

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Cancer ‘Is Hardly Slowing Her Down’

A source told People Magazine that even after her cancer diagnosis, Fonda is maintaining a busy schedule that includes her political activism and her “gearing up for the release of several films.”

“In true Jane fashion, this is hardly slowing her down,” the insider said. “So far, she has been doing really well with the treatments and is feeling pretty good.”

This isn’t the first time Fonda’s had cancer. She said she was a sun worshipper when she was younger and has had many things cut off her body. In 2018, she had a cancerous growth removed from her bottom lip and said dismissively when asked about it on NBC’s “Today,” “I had a little cancer. I’m going to be fine.”

Many will remember that Fonda earned herself the nickname of Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War because of her political activism at the time, and she’s more determined than ever to try and help the Democrats win the midterm elections come November.

Jane Fonda cancer

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Perhaps she should focus a little more on her health in the months to come, and a little less on her infamous radicalism. 

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