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Patricia Heaton has long been one of the few openly conservative Christian actresses in Hollywood. She recently took a humanitarian trip to Kenya, and the former Everybody Loves Raymond star is now opening up about a powerful experience that she had at church during a trip to Africa.

Heaton Recalls ‘Moving’ Experience At Kenyan Church

Heaton, 64, told Entertainment Tonight that she got “quite an exuberant welcome” after making the long journey to Kenya, which involved a nine-hour commercial flight, followed by a two-hour flight on a smaller plane and then nearly a three-hour car ride. Once she arrived, the people of Kenya gave her a fairly warm welcome; dressing her in beaded headdresses described as exquisite.

“It was sort of unexpected,” the humanitarian actress recalled. “It was pretty moving. We were pulled into a beautiful church with every pastor from the area there where there was dancing, speeches. It was quite an exuberant welcome. We had a great time.”

The Kenyan people are struggling right now due to a ripple effect caused by the ongoing armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has caused wheat to soar a 58 percent and saw a 47 percent increase in corn prices. Heaton talked to one mother of three in Kenya who walks hours to collect material as to make and sells baskets5. Another mother told the actress that sometimes she hasn’t been able to eat for days.

“It’s been very difficult and yet they still had an offering during a church service and people who have very little given the little that they have,” Heaton said as she became emotional. “You know, it’s very humbling, and it’s a real lesson to all of us who have so much.”

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World Vision Stepping Up To Help

The organization World Vision is trying to step up to help the people of Kenya, and Heaton asked one mother how she hopes the group will help her family.

“I know through World Vision, my children will get an education and the resources to provide the school fees,” the mother said through a translator. “Through World Vision, I know they are able to provide food for us when there’s food distribution.”

Heaton has been working with World Vision for the past six years, and she traveled to Rwanda with the organization back in 2019 to help bring clean water to the country. 

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Hollywood Is ‘Isolated And Insulated’

“I think when we’re in the Hollywood community we can get sort of isolated and insulated,” she explained. “And when you fly over this beautiful country its’ dry and it’s very big and it’s hot. It’s not an easy place to support a family, and it’s really a reminder we need to keep reminding ourselves of how much we have and how less fortunate other people are.”

“To be part of the solution and bringing hope to people, there’s nothing more wonderful,” Heaton added. “And I think that’s what we saw when people were coming and singing and dancing, because, in us, they see hope, and it’s a privilege and an honor to be able to represent that to people.”

Given the fact that the world of Hollywood is full of self-centered liberal elites, Heaton’s Christian passion for helping others is refreshing. The world would be a better plays if we had more celebrities like her around!

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