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Tommy Lee Jones is probably my favorite actor, and today, I get to celebrate him because it is his 76th birthday!

As a fellow Texan, I always loved that Jones never let his drawl go away throughout his nearly 60-year career. Here are a few of my favorite moments and movie roles from his storied time in Hollywood.

‘The Fugitive’

This iconic line was actually a mistake, as Jones had forgotten his line and improvised, leading to this classic.

‘Men In Black’

Whatever you say, Slick.

Doolittle Lynn In ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’

An Overwhelmed Sheriff In ‘No Country For Old Men’

An Outlandish Harvey Dent/Two-Face In ‘Batman Forever’

‘Natural Born Killers’

A crazy role in a bonkers movie.

Other Great Tommy Lee Jones Movies

Besides all of these hits above, here are a few underrated and underappreciated roles of the San Saba, Texas native: 

  • Lonesome Dove. Probably the best western short of The Searchers. 
  • Ad Astra. Worst. Dad. Ever! 
  • The Hunted. Underrated thriller

Happy birthday, Tommy Lee Jones! 

What’s your favorite Tommy Lee Jones film? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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